5 Key Ways to Source and Attract More Diverse Candidates


Strategic recruiting organizations realize the importance of prioritizing and investing in sourcing and attraction strategies for diversity candidates. A more diverse workforce improves innovation, broadens employee perspectives, and strengthens organizational performance. According to McKinsey, companies in the top quartile for racial and ethnic diversity are 35 percent more likely to have financial return above their respective national industry medians. Similarly, Fortune reports that the 50 companies on the Best Workplaces for Diversity List average 24% higher year-over-year revenue growth than non-list winners.

Workplace diversityDiversity in the workforce can represent a wide array of elements—ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, military background, race, education level, cultural background, physical abilities and disabilities. And employees today are seeking greater levels of diversity within the workforce. As organizations welcome greater numbers of millennials, Forbes reports that more than half of millennial workers would gladly take a pay cut to work for an employer who shares their values, and nearly half of all millennials (47 percent) actively look for diversity and inclusion programs in their prospective employers before finalizing a job decision.

So how can your organization attract a more diverse and inclusive workforce, and build a strong employer brand? Here are five key ways to better source and attract diversity candidates:

1) Create targeted microsites for each diversity audience.

The right recruitment marketing platform, like the fully integrated platform from Talemetry, enables you to create targeted microsites from your primary career site that are specifically geared toward your diversity candidates. This demonstrates your commitment to a more diverse workforce and empowers you to provide relevant and tailored content to diverse candidates—rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

2) Build a proprietary database of diverse candidates.

By automating the process of acquiring diverse candidates, a proprietary candidate relationship management (CRM) database offers a more robust talent pool for finding diversity candidates. As the diversity talent pool grows, it becomes a more strategic tool for identifying, attracting and building relationships with candidates with diverse backgrounds.

3) Offer opt-in talent networks for diversity audiences.

Talent networks for diversity groups enable you to stay in contact with diverse candidates, share relevant information and job opportunities, and identify areas for increased personalization of content. This enables you to nurture relationships and present diversity candidates with job opportunities, encouraging them to apply at the right time.  

4) Auto-broadcast to diversity job boards.

One key way to attract more diversity candidates is to automatically post jobs to diversity job boards, social networks, and agencies. The right recruitment marketing platform will enable you to simply and automatically guarantee that a job is posted each time a requisition is opened to diversity sources, so you can ensure a flow of diverse applicants right away. Talemetry partners with leading organizations like Direct Employers and America’s Job Exchange to directly enable enterprise organizations better sourcing of diverse candidates.

5) Source automatically for diverse candidates.

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Use your recruitment marketing platform to initiate outbound candidate searches based on the job family a requisition belongs to. Search your diversity resume database and automatically email invitations to apply to diverse candidates once a job requisition is opened. This kind of centralized, automated sourcing ensures a diverse candidate pool for every open job, without relying on manual sourcing from recruiters.

The Need for Diversity Continues to Grow

Finding and attracting diversity candidates shouldn’t just be a checkbox for your organization. It should be a strategic imperative that is measured and improved continuously to increase the diversity and inclusiveness in your workforce. The right recruitment marketing platform will empower and enable your recruiting organization to track and determine where your best diversity candidates come from so you can continue to attract employees with unique worldviews and experiences. Remember, an employer brand that reflects diversity will also reinforce your organization as a diversity employer of choice and attract top candidates to your company—both today and in the future.


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