2017 Recruitment Marketing Trends Survey


Towards the end of 2016, Talemetry reached out to all our clients, prospective clients, and other organizations that have engaged with us over the years to attempt to uncover new recruitment marketing trends and technology challenges.

We wanted to know which technologies were working and which weren't; what were the biggest recruitment marketing technology challenges they face; which initiatives will be most important for 2017; and more. These questions were answered and we now make them available to you with Talemetry's 2017 Recruitment Marketing Technology Survey.

This 14 page report provides the full results of our survey, along with Talemetry's analysis and key take aways.

Recruitment Marketing Survey Resultsrecruitment-marketing-technology-satisfaction.png

The survey confirms that organizations clearly believe they need more qualified candidates to be successful. The survey confirms that job boards are far and away their top source of hire: Job distribution tools are the most widely used, and they have the highest satisfaction index of all their recruitment marketing technologies. This continued reliance on job distribution technology and the candidates they yield could be a big clue as to why organizations remain thirsty for qualified candidates.

ATS Vendors Falling Short

Further, while their ATS providers may be meeting the need for managing applicants, they are not delivering the tools organizations need to get more candidates. Surveyed organizations' two most pressing challenges for 2017 are their ability to engage and nurture candidates and past applicants, and that their ATS providers are not delivering enough recruitment marketing functionality. What’s more, the largest portion of respondents said they would consider changing their ATS vendors to get more recruitment marketing functionality.

More Recruitment Marketing Technology, Please

And organizations clearly want more recruitment marketing capability. Fifty three percent stated they needed more recruitment marketing tools. Which tools do they desire most? Sourcing and CRM tools. Topping the list of recruitment marketing technology initiatives in 2017 was increased sourcing capability. Combine that with their challenges in engaging and nurturing past applicants and it is pretty clear that the need to move toward more proactive and relationship-based corporate recruiting strategies has taken hold.2017 Recruitment Marketing Technology Survey

Top Recruitment Marketing Priorities for 2017

What’s on the recruitment marketing shopping list for 2017? Online candidate experience tools like better job applications and career sites. This likely reflects the current trend toward consumerizing candidate experience combined with a real or perceived lack of ATS capability in this area.

This is just a taste of the insights we found. To get the full recruitment marketing trends story, along with Talemetry's analysis and key takeaways, click here and a get your free copy of Talemetry's 2017 Recruitment Marketing Technology Report.

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