2017 Recruitment Marketing Trends in Review


Last year around this time we conducted a survey to identify what the 2017 recruitment marketing trends would be. As the year is coming to a close and as a results focused company, we wanted to go back and see how accurate those trends were – or weren’t.

Trend 1: Organizations are desperate for more qualified candidates – 71% are not getting enough qualified applicants

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More accurate than ever. With a steadily decreasing unemployment rate (4.2% in September), there is continued increased competition for the most qualified candidates. And the need for more highly qualified applicants continues to rise. One talent acquisition leader we spoke with just last week (Talemetry customer, large global financial institution) mentioned the challenge he’s facing – because the entry level, lower skilled jobs will be going away and being replaced in the future with technologies such as AI and robotics, there is a huge crisis to find those higher skilled, qualified candidates.

So what can be done about it? We’ve recently studied the application conversion process for the Fortune 500 and found that there are simple and effective ways to resolve the inefficiencies in the application conversion process that will make your process easier and deliver a better candidate experience. By simply focusing on improving that candidate experience and simplifying that application process you will increase your number of highly qualified candidates.

Trend 2: Organizations depend on job distribution tools and job boards for candidates


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Yes, many organizations depend on job distribution tools and job boards for candidates. However, the definition of a job board keeps changing. For example, the introduction of Google for Jobs this summer is leading many job distribution conversations. Now, more so than ever, job description, related content SEO strategy, and career site optimization for indexing purposes can be the deciding factors for the haves or havenots.

Trend 3: Recruiting organizations look to their ATS provider for recruitment marketing solutions, but are not getting what they need

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Absolutely. At least within the enterprise market. Talemetry has hundreds of customers and soon-to-be live customers utilizing all of the major ATS solutions including iCIMS, Oracle (Taleo, PeopleSoft), Workday, and SAP (SuccessFactors). Each of them finds that the ATS continues to provide some level of recruitment marketing capability, but lack the depth of functional capability, and more importantly, the organizational expertise to help enterprise teams evolve their recruitment marketing capabilities.

Trend 4: Despite reliance and satisfaction with job distribution, organizations want more recruitment marketing technologies

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Very much so. We have interacted with thousands of enterprise class organizations as they reevaluate their current recruitment marketing capabilities and technologies. In most cases, the biggest opportunity for meaningful impact in recruiting performance and results resides with optimizing and refining today’s current approaches with a central solution, versus turning to a brand new channel or point-solution technology.

Trends 5, 6, 7:

5: Candidate experience tops the shopping list for recruitment marketing technologies in 2017

6: Engaging candidates is the top recruitment marketing technology challenge for 2017

7: Recruiting organizations are looking to more proactive recruiting strategies in 2017

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Download Yes, Yes, and Yes. Organizations like The Talent Board are focused entirely on the candidate experience. Let’s pump the breaks for a minute and look at these findings. Clearly, the push/pull, proactive/reactive, active/passive tug of war is alive and well. Modern recruitment marketers are cognizant that the lines dividing candidate experience and candidate relationship management have dissolved to the point where front end candidate axperience and ongoing candidate relationship management should be completely intertwined processes. Only a fully-integrated recruitment marketing technology stack can get the most out of all of the attraction, sourcing, interaction, influence, segmentation and conversion opportunities. Only a true platform allows organizations to make the most of their investments in these these converging areas.

Industry analysts such as Aptitude Research Partners find that ‘recruitment marketing is becoming one of the fastest growing areas of HR technology with nearly 70% of enterprise companies investing in these capabilities’.

It’s been great to see the increased focus on recruitment marketing in 2017 and the proven results that it delivers. We are starting our 2018 survey now, so please take a moment to give us your input, we look forward to what 2018 brings!

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