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Use Job Distribution to Control Job Board Aggregators

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20 September 2016

Use Job Distribution to Control Job Board Aggregators

Posted by Team Talemetry

Getting your career site scraped by job board aggregators like or LinkedIn can feel like you hit the jackpot. A sudden influx of free candidates reduces your cost per applicant and probably gives you some quality hires.

So what’s not to like?

 Nothing. These free sources of applicants can be very effective for filling jobs. The problem is that most organizations neglect to strategically account for job board aggregators in their recruiting efforts.job_search.jpg

In other words, they accept the traffic and the applicants but never properly set up a structure to manage the process and measure the results. This can lead to bad candidate experiences and missed opportunities for fully identifying and leveraging the value of these inevitable aggregator relationships.

For example, after implementing Talemetry and actually measuring the traffic and applicants, our clients experience a couple of outcomes:

  • They are actually hiring a lot more applicants from free job boards than from their paid job boards.
  • They are getting scraped by a lot more job boards than just Indeed, some of which can be a bit shady in how they present jobs and link to the apply process. Plus, there are a lot of closed requisitions on these job boards that candidates are clicking on and getting dead links.

So the typical outcome is “we’re paying too much for paid job boards and our candidates are getting bad experiences with many of the job boards that scrape our sites.”

The solution is to treat your free boards like you treat your paid job board placements. Use a proper job distribution solution to actively post your jobs to free boards and block their crawlers so you can control how jobs get posted and when they get pulled down.

Also use some form of career site analytics so you can monitor your referral traffic and identify which aggregators are scraping your jobs. Once you know, you can block their crawlers and get them into a proper distribution process for measurement and analysis. Request Demo

Talemetry clients are able to automatically post to every free job board that they want to post to every time they open a requisition. This way, they get the benefit of the free traffic, full control of the content, and can measure the results without recruiters having to be involved in the posting.

They also have the benefit of a full Career Site platform for analyzing where their traffic comes from and which sources are generating visits, applicants, and hires.

And the biggest benefit? Many are able to cut back on paid boards without it affecting the quantity or quality of their applicants.

As always, you can’t manage what you don’t measure. Are you actively posting and measuring your job aggregators?

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