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UMPC migrates to new ATS and supercharges talent acquisition with Talemetry

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6 September 2016

UPMC Migrates to a New ATS and Supercharges Talent Acquisition

Posted by Team Talemetry

With all the confusion these days about what recruitment marketing actually is, how much of it is supported by your applicant tracking system, and how recruitment marketing platforms augment an ATS, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) has blazed a trail for recruiting organizations everywhere.

In a new case study released by Talemetry this week, UPMC shares how a progressive, forward thinking organization approaches recruiting capability, process, and technology – all in one beautifully executed project.UPMC-cs.jpg

As detailed in this free case study, UPMC faced some significant recruiting headwinds in trying to maintain their position as a leading regional hospital system. Competition for talent in the healthcare arena is fierce. They had been operating under multiple brands with decentralized recruiting teams and they needed to evolve to a more proactive, relationship-based recruiting methodology to engage more passive candidates.

Part of this transition necessitated a move from their PeopleSoft recruiting system to Oracle Taleo. This is a huge project unto itself – one that can result in short term disruptions for both candidates and recruiters.

But rather than hunker down for an ATS migration and either a) hope their new ATS would support the talent acquisition strategy changes they needed to make or b) wait until the ATS was up and running before tackling other talent acquisition needs, UPMC found the right partner and tackled both projects as a single strategic move toward their ultimate goal.

As a result, UPMC was able to leverage the Talemetry recruitment marketing platform to migrate from one ATS, upgrade their candidate and recruiter-facing talent acquisition tools, minimize disruption during cut-over to the new ATS, AND save significantly on migration costs. New Call-to-action

They were able to implement Talemetry’s targeted, mobile/social Career Sites and Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) with candidate sync and smart job feeds from PeopleSoft, and then gradually sync these tools back to their new Taleo system, minimizing recruiter/candidate disruption while removing the need for separate data migration to their new ATS.

How’s that for a win-win?

The great thing about UPMC’s story is that it shows the benefit of looking at talent acquisition and talent acquisition processes and strategies as a whole, rather than a collection of separate tools and processes. And it showcases Talemetry’s underlying value as an ATS-integrated recruitment marketing platform, rather than a stand-alone or loosely integrated solution.

Want to learn more about how UPMC made the change? Click here to download the free case study. 

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