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16 December 2014

Two Days in the Eye of the Talent Acquisition Storm

Posted by Ian Alexander

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I arrived in San Francisco for the HCI Talent Acquisition Innovation Forum on the eve of the storm, Wednesday.  Despite the warnings, I couldn’t know what was to come.

Talking about the storm.

You may have heard about it. The entire SF Bay Area was shut down because it received a few inches of rain in one day. Literally. Schools closed. Workers urged to stay home. Do I sound sarcastic? I am, but I am a Norcal native so I can criticize how soft we’ve become.

talent acquisition software HCII spent the ensuing two days in the bowels of the beautiful Palace Hotel, oblivious to the storm raging outside. Which was a good thing because I was able to drench myself in, what else? Talent Acquisition.

Thanks to the folks at HCI for putting together a great event. While weather may have depressed the turnout somewhat, the sessions were enlightening and the conversations were productive.

Talemetry was a Platinum Sponsor of the event and we enjoyed talking to the many talent acquisition practitioners about talent acquisition software. Specifically, our recruitment marketing platform that includes:

  • Job distribution
  • Sourcing
  • CRM
  • Mobile career sites
  • Saffing agency management
  • Social recruiting
  • Mobile job applications

All of this wrapped in a platform that provides every flavor of source to hire recruiting analytics for your entire recruitment marketing channel mix. You can check out a free demo here.

The sessions ran from social recruiting to recruitment marketing and RPO. But for me the most enlightening sessions were the ones focused on recruitment operations.

Jason Phillips from Kaiser Permanente outlined how Kaiser has transformed its recruiting organization through a focus on operational excellence: Outcomes, SLAs, analytics. This is where huge gains can be made in talent acquisition in the coming years. We see it in our clients because our platform and analytics provide the kind of global data needed to support optimization of recruitment operations. And it is good to see this focus in highly regarded conferences like the ones from HCI.

Recruitment operations is a bit like the Bay Area when it rains. Without a focus on operations optimization, recruiting organizations will continue to be tossed about by the winds of an overhyped storm.

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