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1 March 2016

Talent Pool Segmentation: Are Your Pipelines Flowing?

Posted by Team Talemetry

At Talemetry we talk a lot about talent pools, pipelines, segmentation, and recruitment marketing. We are in the business of helping organizations centralize and optimize all their sources of talent to support better engagement, more proactive sourcing, and the myriad benefits of implementing a predictable hiring framework for recruiting.

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Topics: CRM, talent networks

4 November 2015

Talent Network Pet Peeves to Avoid

Posted by Team Talemetry

If you have a talent network, you’re already a step ahead of the many organizations that aren’t yet utilizing this valuable recruitment marketing tool. But what experience is your talent network providing to potential candidates? Without a positive user experience you’re not getting the most out of your talent network so it’s best to avoid these common talent network shortfalls I call my pet peeves:

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Topics: Talent Networks & Sourcing, recruitment marketing, talent networks

28 October 2015

Be Strategic With Your Talent Network Approach

Posted by Team Talemetry

Talent networks are a great way to engage passive candidates.  Whether they may not be ready to apply or they don't find a job, give your website visitors a way to engage with your company.  When using a talent network, it’s important for recruiters to take a proactive, strategic approach. The most qualified and interested candidate isn’t going to magically appear when a job becomes available.

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Topics: Talent Networks & Sourcing, candidate experience, recruitment marketing, talent networks

22 July 2015

How to Make Your Talent Network Pay Off

Posted by Team Talemetry

A talent network, or talent community, is a great place for recruiters to cultivate passive job candidates. A properly executed talent network is an outlet for candidates to express interest in the company and its job opportunities, and serves as a prominent source for future hiring purposes. Of course, a your network is only going to grow if potential candidates are aware that it exists and it's extremely easy to opt in, which is why a company must make it prevalent. Here are three important ways to make it happen:

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Topics: hr technology, recruitment marketing, talent networks

19 March 2015

Leveraging the Power of your Talent Network

Posted by Team Talemetry

Talent networks or talent communities are a great place to cultivate passive candidates, but your talent network isn't a Field of Dreams: If you build it they will not automatically come. It's up to you and your team to actively grow and cultivate your network so that when hiring demand increases, you have the best possible talent pool to pull from. 

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Topics: Talent Networks & Sourcing, candidate experience, recruitment marketing, talent acquisition, talent networks

30 May 2013

Communities Don't Cut It: The Rise of Talent Networks

Posted by Talemetry Today


The interesting thing about technologies (cloud computing is a good example) is that while they profoundly change the way we live our lives and operate day-to-day, no one, outside a few technophiles, understand not only why these emerging tools are important, but also why the average consumer should care.

And with good reason; the ultimate test of any technology is its transparency; a positive user experience is predicated, after all, primarily on instinct and intuition. Consumer technology, as a rule, is designed to operate in the background, enabling efficiencies and empowering users in significant, yet silent, ways.

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Topics: candidate sourcing, company culture, talent generation, Talent Networks & Sourcing, social recruiting, ATS, talent networks

19 April 2013

Recruitment Marketing Fundamentals: Building A Strategy for Success

Posted by Talemetry Today

Marketing and recruiting are becoming inexorably intertwined, with recruitment marketing emerging both as a distinct discipline and a core competency affecting every part of the talent acquisition cycle. Preparing for the future of talent acquisition, and overcoming the talent shortage (real or imagined), means rethinking the way we approach recruiting - and recruitment marketing.

For recruiters, that means increasingly thinking like a marketer, and adding some core marketing competencies into their talent acquisition toolbox.

Here’s the good news: the game hasn't changed, only the tools.

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Topics: Recruitment Marketing & Branding, employer branding, talent generation, candidate experience, recruitment marketing, talent networks

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