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14 August 2014

4 Reasons Why We Are Excited about HR Tech 2014!

Posted by Praj

Well I could come up with a lot more, but this would be a very long blog post and you wouldn’t read it. So here are my top four:

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30 July 2014

Avoiding Candidate Drop-Off

Posted by Talemetry Today

Earlier this month Talemetry released new reporting and analytics capabilities in our software that allow companies to delve deeper into their online job application process. 

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2 July 2014

OHUG 2014 Wrap Up

Posted by Praj

Having had a few weeks back from the OHUG Global Conference in Las Vegas, we thought it worthwhile for a short wrap up blog post. It was a really interesting event from a number of angles. Before getting into that I wanted to say how hot it was in Las Vegas this year! 

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30 April 2014

How to Leverage Social Channels for Recruiting

Posted by Nin Sandhu

As a follow up to my blog on Social Recruiting vs Sourcing I wanted to talk in more detail on how to leverage social channels properly when recruiting. I will break it down into the three major aspects of recruiting: sourcing, advertising, and candidate engagement.

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29 October 2013

Talemetry Product Focus: Job Lists and Actions (or...I have a role to fill, now what?)

Posted by JamesT

When we look at a typical ‘day in the life’ of a recruiter the tasks may vary, the activities may vary, and of course the results may vary. But what doesn’t change is the fundamental challenge of finding, attracting, and engaging candidates and getting them to express interest and apply for jobs.

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15 October 2013

Managing Your Talent Ecosystem: Vendor Networks

Posted by JamesT

According to Bersin by Deloitte's Talent Acquisition Factbook, organizations spend over $125 billion a year on recruiting services and technology. We estimate that over $85 billion of that is spent on recruiting services ranging from recruiting agencies, job board posting, candidates assessments, background checks, drug testing, tax credit verification, and more to help find better candidates faster.

Given the spending across multiple categories, multiple vendors, and multiple integrations, having a thriving vendor network is a key part of an effective talent generation strategy. Sometimes we describe talent generation as an ecosystem -- a group of different networks that work together to produce the job candidates you’re looking for. Your vendor network is an important part of that ecosystem, and making sure it works efficiently for you will help bring you success in your recruiting efforts.

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20 August 2013

Grady Health Optimizes Recruiting By Knowing What’s Working and What’s Not

Posted by JamesT

We constantly hear from organizations that their biggest recruiting challenge is not how to track applicants once they have applied for jobs, but rather how to find and attract the best applicants in the first place, a process often referred to as "talent generation." Employers struggle with the lack of visibility into which activities are effective at finding and attracting talent -- and which are not. In the absence of this visibility, recruiters are faced with throwing more and more money at the problem, without knowing what’s really working.

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Topics: Talent Trends, talent generation, Grady Health, case study, healthcare

13 August 2013

How Many Technology Point Solutions Do You Need to Find Great Talent?

Posted by JamesT

Talent acquisition consists of two key functions: talent generation and applicant tracking. The applicant tracking system (ATS) has been around for years, and while its function of automating the hiring process, often for compliance purposes, is viewed as largely administrative, it is necessary nonetheless. There is no shortage of ATS providers out there. Every large ERP vendor offers one. There are best-of-breed stand-alone offerings and even free offerings. But regardless of which an organization chooses, none of them will solve what is often cited as being the #1 recruiting challenge: finding good candidates.

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Topics: Talent Trends, talent generation

27 June 2013

Resumes in Real Time: Profiling Dynamic Profiles

Posted by Talemetry Today

You’ve probably heard that recruiters hate reading resumes, or are too inundated with them for candidates to really stand out, but that’s not necessarily true. Recruiters hate looking at resumes of unqualified applicants. Any talent acquisition professional doing a search for a hard-to-fill role requiring direct sourcing will tell you that, in fact, finding the perfect resume – or its proximity – is one of the most thrilling parts of the job.

Problem is, it doesn’t happen very often. As far as most line recruiters are concerned, if you don’t look good on paper, you don’t look good for a job, no matter how good a job you’d actually do.

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Topics: hiring, dynamic profiles, candidate sourcing, federated search, talent generation, Talent Networks & Sourcing, hr technology, big data, resume parsing

24 June 2013

Applying Online Lead Generation Best Practices to Sourcing & Recruiting

Posted by Scott Weiss

Candidate sourcing is fast becoming a high-contact sport, with front-line recruiters developing new techniques and evolving old ones as the war for talent becomes more fierce. Filling the pipeline with high quality talent is today’s priority for Fortune 50 companies, staffing firms, and mid-size businesses. Fortunately for recruiters, we needn’t look far for some best practices for online lead generation to help make a significant impact to our talent pipelines. For the past decade, online marketing professionals have been busy developing a practice known as Demand Generation, which, in layman’s terms, is the art of online lead generation for a product or service through the web.

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Topics: Recruitment Marketing & Branding, candidate sourcing, talent generation, social recruiting, hr technology, recruitment marketing

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