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30 April 2014

How to Leverage Social Channels for Recruiting

Posted by Nin Sandhu

As a follow up to my blog on Social Recruiting vs Sourcing I wanted to talk in more detail on how to leverage social channels properly when recruiting. I will break it down into the three major aspects of recruiting: sourcing, advertising, and candidate engagement.

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14 April 2014

Top 3 Mistakes in Multi-Channel Recruiting

Posted by Nin Sandhu

As organizations leverage more and more recruiting channels, it’s getting harder and harder to know what’s working and what’s not. It’s a constant struggle every recruiter faces: fill jobs with candidates and keep recruiting costs within budget. Here are the top 3 mistakes that most recruiters make in their multi-channel recruiting strategy:

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31 July 2013

What Your Online Job Application Process Says About Your Company

Posted by JeffW

This post is by Jeff Waldman, founder of Stratify, a social HR solutions company, and SocialHRCamp, an experiential learning HR unconference that has run events in Canada, the United States, Singapore and Philippines.

You are looking for work and have come across one of those typical text-heavy and somewhat boring job postings. You dust off the cover letter and resume in preparation to take the plunge. You make the changes to your resume to better reflect where you are today in your career, and to maximize your relevancy to the vacancy in which you’re applying to.

You go online and venture to the career site. You find the position that you want to apply for and click the apply button. You are prompted to register with their database—you go back to your email and eagerly await the registration acceptance email. Ding ding, it arrives. Great, you click back to the application process and move forward. You then spend an hour filling out a comprehensive profile, including your name, career interests, education, key skills, job history, extracurricular activities, contact information and everything else under the sun. You then copy and paste your cover letter and resume into text boxes, which you then have to re-format so the words aren't scrambled. You are then prompted to respond to specific screening questions, provide a short essay on why you would like to apply, and answer a plethora of employment eligibility questions. Finally, you’re finished. You hit the apply button. Phew!

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21 May 2013

Behind the Buzzword: The Commoditization of HR & Recruiting Innovation

Posted by Talemetry Today


It seems counterintuitive to take a step back and challenge the basics of innovation, but after a whirlwind of conferences these past couple of weeks, it seems apropos to pause and ask: when did HR and recruiting innovation become so, well, stale? The word ‘innovation’ gets bandied about so much in the HR and recruiting space it has become, ironically, a tired cliché. But just like the word ‘influence,’ this is one subjective term that, objectively, really can’t be defined (at least by consensus), much less measured.

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3 October 2012

HREvolution Preview: What the CEO Wants From HR

Posted by JamesT

On October 7, the fifth iteration of the HREvolution un-conference will take place at the McCormick Place Conference Center in Chicago as a prelude to the Annual HR Technology Conference. The HREvolution event allows all constituencies connected to human resources to come together and discuss the future of HR.

Highlights include “Data Driven Employer Branding” with John Sumser, “Future of Work and HR to 2030” with Alexandra Levit, and “60 Minutes to a Better Candidate Experience” with Gerry Crispin and Elaine Orler

Of particular note is the session, “What the CEO Wants,” featuring Mike Psenka, President and CEO of eThority, and Jade Bourelle, CEO of Talemetry, and moderated by Dr. Matthew Stollak, Associate Professor of Business Administration at St. Norbert College.

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