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11 April 2018

Quick Guide: How to Increase and Measure User Adoption

Posted by Amy Hughes

Results. Simplified. Sounds good, right? But results can only happen if users adopt the new tool or solution. You’ve probably been in a situation like this before. You have a business problem. You’ve invested in the best technology to solve the problem. But the new solution was never really embraced, and as a business leader, you just can’t understand why users aren’t leveraging the solution. The challenge is even greater when you have to justify the solution investment to the executive team.

It all comes down to lack of user adoption.

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Topics: software implementation, user adoption

14 February 2018

What to Look for in a Recruitment Marketing Implementation Partner

Posted by Team Talemetry

More than 50% of IT projects are failing today. Software implementations, including recruitment marketing implementations, can fail completely, be significantly delayed, or simply not deliver expected results. Early adopters of recruitment marketing learned the importance of having a dependable, proven vendor. Many early adopters worked with technology companies who weren’t able to deliver all that they promised. The vendor told a good story, but when the time came, implementation dates were missed, and results not delivered. The reasons implementations fail can vary but some of those reasons include:

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Topics: recruitment marketing, software implementation

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