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2 July 2014

OHUG 2014 Wrap Up

Posted by Praj

Having had a few weeks back from the OHUG Global Conference in Las Vegas, we thought it worthwhile for a short wrap up blog post. It was a really interesting event from a number of angles. Before getting into that I wanted to say how hot it was in Las Vegas this year! 

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15 October 2013

Managing Your Talent Ecosystem: Vendor Networks

Posted by JamesT

According to Bersin by Deloitte's Talent Acquisition Factbook, organizations spend over $125 billion a year on recruiting services and technology. We estimate that over $85 billion of that is spent on recruiting services ranging from recruiting agencies, job board posting, candidates assessments, background checks, drug testing, tax credit verification, and more to help find better candidates faster.

Given the spending across multiple categories, multiple vendors, and multiple integrations, having a thriving vendor network is a key part of an effective talent generation strategy. Sometimes we describe talent generation as an ecosystem -- a group of different networks that work together to produce the job candidates you’re looking for. Your vendor network is an important part of that ecosystem, and making sure it works efficiently for you will help bring you success in your recruiting efforts.

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13 May 2013

Meet Talemetry: The New Name for Talent Generation

Posted by JamesT

What’s in a name? When you’re a brand competing in the hyper competitive $140 billion recruitment services market, plenty. As every marketer – and consumer, for that matter – knows, a name is more than a brand. It’s a promise.

We chose Talemetry, a combination of talent – our core competency and product focus, with telemetry. Telemetry, for those of you a little rusty on your classic languages, comes from the Greek roots tele, which means remote, and metron, or to measure.

This highly automated, highly analytic monitoring is, in short, the science behind the art of talent – the same combination of automation and personalization that’s becoming an increasingly prevalent part of recruiting today.

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19 October 2012

HR Technology & Recruiting Trends: Taking a Timehop

Posted by Talemetry Today

One of the technologies that Craig Fisher recommended during the "Cool Tools" component of our workshop on Branding for Culture, which kicked off this week's Recruiting Trends Conference in Las Vegas, was Timehop - a service that basically sends you a daily e-mail with all your social media activity (and text messages, if you so desire - I don't) from exactly a year ago that day.

So I subscribed. And turns out that the Recruiting Conference (#TRC12) was being held a year to the day after I'd presented on "Building & Maintaining a Social Recruiting Framework" at the 2011 SHRM Atlanta Conference (#SHRMATL11). I'll be presenting at that conference again this April (#SHRMATL13) on the exact same topic I had just presented at #TRC12.

So basically, the last year in HR and recruiting has been pretty much, same stuff, different hashtag.

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13 October 2012

Top 3 Takeaways from HR Tech 2012

Posted by JamesT

As HR Tech 2012 winds down following another great show, thousands of attendees and exhibitors like myself are catching flights and heading home after spending the last few days learning, networking, giving and receiving demos, and attending one too many late night event parties.

I thought I’d share my top 3 takeaways and observations as I reflect back on the last few days.

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