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10 May 2018

How to Build Better Talent Pipelines: The Ultimate Guide for Healthcare Organizations

Posted by Team Talemetry

According to Forbes, a career in medicine is view by 90 percent of Americans as a prestigious profession. And most people would agree that caring for others is a noble calling, but finding the right talent in such a highly regulated industry is not always the easiest task. In fact, healthcare organizations today often struggle to find a steady stream of talent and to build talent pipelines that keep up with the demand for highly skilled healthcare professionals.

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Topics: corporate hr, jobs, Candidate Attraction, recruiting strategies

6 March 2018

How Google for Jobs will impact your candidate experience in 2018

Posted by Team Talemetry

One of the biggest impacts to the recruiting industry in 2017 was the introduction of Google for Jobs. Even before Google for Jobs was released, 73% of job seekers were beginning their job searches on Google. Google has taken their great search technology and is attempting to help workers find the best job opportunities for them.

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Topics: jobs, job boards, Candidate Attraction, cx, google, hiring trends, recruiting strategies, job applications, ai

30 November 2016

Data Driven Recruiting Strategies and Your Career

Posted by Team Talemetry

At a recent industry conference, one of Talemetry's clients presented their experience implementing new recruiting strategies with Talemetry's Recruitment Marketing Platform. It was a well received presentation and the room was packed.

This education industry client had a couple of key issues they were trying to solve. They were on a mission to become a top 5 research university, and talent attraction, retention, and development played a key role in this effort.

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Topics: recruiting analytics, recruiting strategies

5 January 2016

2016 Hiring trends and strategies

Posted by Team Talemetry

As the year 2016 begins, HR managers, recruiters, and sourcers will find themselves faced with many difficult challenges that are reflected in the following 2016 hiring trends. Employment figures have been steadily rising from the lows this country experienced during the 2009–2011 recessionary years, when there were only approximately 139 million Americans employed, to an expected 151 million American workers in 2016. This represents a growth of over 2 million jobs compared to the 2015 total of 149 million. With so many emerging jobs to fill, it is critical to the success of your organization that your hiring practices and strategies allow you to find, evaluate, and quickly hire the most desirable candidates, keeping in mind the following trends:

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Topics: Recruitment Marketing & Branding, hiring trends, recruiting strategies

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