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6 March 2018

How Google for Jobs will impact your candidate experience in 2018

Posted by Team Talemetry

One of the biggest impacts to the recruiting industry in 2017 was the introduction of Google for Jobs. Even before Google for Jobs was released, 73% of job seekers were beginning their job searches on Google. Google has taken their great search technology and is attempting to help workers find the best job opportunities for them.

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20 September 2016

Use Job Distribution to Control Job Board Aggregators

Posted by Team Talemetry

Getting your career site scraped by job board aggregators like or LinkedIn can feel like you hit the jackpot. A sudden influx of free candidates reduces your cost per applicant and probably gives you some quality hires.

So what’s not to like?

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Topics: job boards, job distribution

6 July 2016

70 Million Job Board Views and Most Come from

Posted by Team Talemetry

Talemetry clients get a lot of job views. In fact they received over 70 million views in 2015. And they have the ability to know which boards give them the most views, application starts, completions, and hires. That gives Talemetry users a unique perspective on what works.

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Topics: job boards, job distribution, indeed

15 March 2016

Job Boards Don't Work (Like They Used To)

Posted by Team Talemetry

There is a lot of talk about how ineffective job boards can be these days. The knock on job boards is that they drive unqualified candidates to jobs, they don’t provide metrics regarding how many people get hired, they’re reactive in that jobs get posted after a position becomes open which can slow time-to-applicants and time-to-hire, and candidates appear to use them less and less each year as the number of active candidates decreases and cynicism about getting lost in a black hole increases.

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Topics: job boards, job distribution, predictable hiring

5 May 2015

How to Spend Your Job Board Budget Wisely

Posted by Team Talemetry

Recruiters rely on many channels to ensure they are capturing the attention and interest of today’s top talent including job fairs, social media, networking events, employee referrals, and more. However, one of the top outlets for recruiters seeking qualified candidates for job openings is job boards. Because there are so many job boards to choose from, recruiters must take a strategic approach in order to spend their job board budget wisely.

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Topics: job boards, job distribution, recruiting budget

22 April 2015

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Job Ad Distribution?

Posted by Team Talemetry

Job boards are the second most popular sourcing channel recruiters use, after employee referrals, according to Software Advice. While job boards are great for delivering a high quantity of candidates, they aren’t always the best in terms of candidate quality. Because job ad distribution to job boards can be costly, recruiters need to ensure they are getting responses from the best suited candidates by optimizing job postings for greater efficiency.

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Topics: recruitment marketing, job boards, job distribution

31 March 2015

What’s Your Job Posting Strategy?

Posted by Team Talemetry

Recruiters today have many avenues to pursue as they seek talented candidates to fill open positions within their organizations. However, most candidate attraction strategies continue to revolve around posting to job boards.

Software Advice, a company that reviews recruiting software, recently published the results of its cost-per-hire survey, which found that almost 75 percent of respondents reported using job boards in order to advertise open positions at their companies.

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Topics: recruitment marketing, job boards

5 February 2015

What is Recruitment Marketing?

Posted by Team Talemetry

Marketing, in all its online and offline forms, is about connecting your brand to the right people at the right time with the right message. 

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Topics: employer branding, CRM, analytics, career sites, recruitment marketing, job boards

21 November 2014


Posted by Team Talemetry

What if you gave some of the largest recruiting organizations in the world unlimited access to post ads to any job board in the world, AND you let them know just how much it cost per view, per applicant, and per hire? Recruitment Marketing Platform provider Talemetry has been doing that for a number of years and the results are staggering.

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7 March 2013

The Karma of Candidate Experience

Posted by Talemetry Today

We can talk about candidate experience all day (and do), but here’s the real reason why recruiters should care: as last in, first out when it comes to headcount, and as a pretty significant corporate cost center, you’re basically one bad business decision away from being a candidate yourself.

Just this past week, the Director of Talent Acquisition at major studio, who I’ve long admired for the job seeker advice and industry jobs newsletter he circulates every month, sent the most recent edition.

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Topics: talent generation, social recruiting, RPO, candidate experience, job boards

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