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16 May 2018

Six Elements of Successful Employer Branding: Learning from Industry Thought Leaders Over a Couple of Pints

Posted by Kerry Fuqua

Last Friday evening, I had the privilege of attending the Rally On Gathering hosted by Rally Recruitment Marketing at a local brewery near Boston. Heartfelt congrats to Rally for a successful event and all the success over this past year.

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Topics: employer branding, employee stories, career site, importance of social in recruiting

26 February 2015

Building Your Employer Brand To Attract the Right Talent

Posted by Team Talemetry

When you think of a "brand" you typically think of how a company presents themselves to their customers. Many brands boil down to one word.

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Topics: employer branding, recruitment marketing, talent acquisition

5 February 2015

What is Recruitment Marketing?

Posted by Team Talemetry

Marketing, in all its online and offline forms, is about connecting your brand to the right people at the right time with the right message. 

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Topics: employer branding, CRM, analytics, career sites, recruitment marketing, job boards

30 September 2014

Talemetry Recruitment Marketing and Sourcing Platform Adds New Candidate Relationship Management and Job Broadcast Features

Posted by Talemetry Today

We’ve been hard at work on our Fall Release, adding several new features that are immediately available to all our clients at no cost.

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Topics: hiring, cloud recruiting, Recruitment Marketing & Branding, candidate sourcing, talent management, Talent Trends, employer branding, recruiting trends, career sites, ATS, hr technology, candidate experience, Talemetry Product News

23 September 2013

Creating a Careers Microsite That Really Works

Posted by JamesT

Companies usually have a good handle on targeted marketing -- they build landing pages that are personalized, relevant, and accessible. Why, then, don’t companies build career microsites the same way?

When we work with our customers we see they often end up with expensive, unwieldy microsites that offer little more than a complex application form that good candidates often find uninspiring. The sites aren’t targeted to the role, geography, skill set, or target market. And they usually provide little information about drop-off rates, how many people are viewing the microsite, where they came from and what kind of candidates they are. As a result, the candidate experience remains one of the biggest problems in recruiting today.

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Topics: Recruitment Marketing & Branding, employer branding, online recruiting, career microsites

6 August 2013

Recruiters: Your Job Just Got Easier

Posted by JamesT

Big news. This week, we’re rolling out new updates at Talemetry, and we think you’re going to be pretty excited. We listened to recruiters and sourcers, and we kept hearing the same major challenges that come with the tasks of finding and managing candidates. While we could nerd out for hours on the technical details of our streamlined UI and incredible data set, we’ll keep it simple: Talemetry is solving recruiters’ problems.

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Topics: talent generation software, federated searcg, candidate sourcing, employer branding, Talemetry Product News

2 August 2013

Recruiting in the Relationship Economy

Posted by Susan Strayer

This post is by Susan Strayer LaMotte, founder of exaqueo, a workforce consultancy. She builds cultures, employer brands and talent strategies for startup and high-growth companies and shows them the real bottom-line value talent plays in company growth.

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Topics: candidate sourcing, employer branding, candidate experience, CandEs

31 July 2013

What Your Online Job Application Process Says About Your Company

Posted by JeffW

This post is by Jeff Waldman, founder of Stratify, a social HR solutions company, and SocialHRCamp, an experiential learning HR unconference that has run events in Canada, the United States, Singapore and Philippines.

You are looking for work and have come across one of those typical text-heavy and somewhat boring job postings. You dust off the cover letter and resume in preparation to take the plunge. You make the changes to your resume to better reflect where you are today in your career, and to maximize your relevancy to the vacancy in which you’re applying to.

You go online and venture to the career site. You find the position that you want to apply for and click the apply button. You are prompted to register with their database—you go back to your email and eagerly await the registration acceptance email. Ding ding, it arrives. Great, you click back to the application process and move forward. You then spend an hour filling out a comprehensive profile, including your name, career interests, education, key skills, job history, extracurricular activities, contact information and everything else under the sun. You then copy and paste your cover letter and resume into text boxes, which you then have to re-format so the words aren't scrambled. You are then prompted to respond to specific screening questions, provide a short essay on why you would like to apply, and answer a plethora of employment eligibility questions. Finally, you’re finished. You hit the apply button. Phew!

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Topics: hiring, online application, employer branding, recruiting trends, ATS, recruiting, candidate experience, talent acquisition

23 May 2013

Transform Company Culture Into A Competitive Advantage With Social Media

Posted by Talemetry Today


Company culture is a lot like meetings and memos: it’s an inescapable, and inevitable, part of the employee (and candidate) experience. But with the rise of social media, virtual employees and global teams, new business paradigms mean that when it comes to communicating culture and developing an authentic and resonant employer brand, it’s anything but business as usual.

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Topics: Recruitment Marketing & Branding, company culture, employer branding, corporate hr, talent generation, hr technology, recruitment marketing, organizational development

15 May 2013

UCI Medical Center Reduces Healthcare Recruiting Costs & Time-To-Fill With Talemetry

Posted by JamesT


My favorite part of my job is hearing from customers who have done great things with our technology. And with over 200 implementations of the Talemetry talent generation suite already working to help some of the world's biggest brands tackle some of the world's most complex recruiting challenges, it's something I'm lucky enough to get to hear every day as our customers see real results and real impact on their ability to find, attract and engage top talent.

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Topics: Talemetry Today, employer branding, talent generation, talemetry, ATS, case study, healthcare

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