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21 May 2014

Applying Lessons Learned from Consumer Marketing to Recruiting

Posted by Praj

Most modern marketers know that no single touch point will cause a lead to make an immediate purchase. It can often take a dozen or more different marketing engagements. These touch points range from emails, direct mail, events, social ads, radio, television, online marketing and others.

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5 May 2014

How to Fill Jobs across Your Organization

Posted by Nin Sandhu

Recruiters have one of the most difficult positions in an organization as they are often responsible for filling all jobs across every department. Breaking it down into the types of jobs that need to be filled, each with different job title requirements, skills, qualifications, and experience, can make it quite complicated. 

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Topics: Talemetry Today, candidate sourcing, talent management, Talent Trends, recruiting trends, Talent Networks & Sourcing, social recruiting, hr technology, recruiting, recruitment marketing, talent acquisition

14 April 2014

Top 3 Mistakes in Multi-Channel Recruiting

Posted by Nin Sandhu

As organizations leverage more and more recruiting channels, it’s getting harder and harder to know what’s working and what’s not. It’s a constant struggle every recruiter faces: fill jobs with candidates and keep recruiting costs within budget. Here are the top 3 mistakes that most recruiters make in their multi-channel recruiting strategy:

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Topics: candidate sourcing, Talent Trends, recruiting trends, analytics, social recruiting, hr technology, recruiting, talent acquisition

29 October 2013

Talemetry Product Focus: Job Lists and Actions (or...I have a role to fill, now what?)

Posted by JamesT

When we look at a typical ‘day in the life’ of a recruiter the tasks may vary, the activities may vary, and of course the results may vary. But what doesn’t change is the fundamental challenge of finding, attracting, and engaging candidates and getting them to express interest and apply for jobs.

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Topics: Recruitment Marketing & Branding, candidate sourcing, Talent Trends, talent generation, social recruiting, ATS, recruitment marketing, Talemetry Product News

2 October 2013

Talemetry Product Focus: Optimized Application Process

Posted by JamesT

Today we’re taking another look at some of the features that make Talemetry such a powerful tool when companies are looking for top-line job candidates. We talked earlier this week about how, contrary to some reports, the resume isn’t dead -- the vast majority of job applicants prefer to upload a resume to a careers site, rather then upload the information from a social network such as LinkedIn or Google+.

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Topics: cloud recruiting, application process, candidate sourcing, Talemetry Product News

6 August 2013

Recruiters: Your Job Just Got Easier

Posted by JamesT

Big news. This week, we’re rolling out new updates at Talemetry, and we think you’re going to be pretty excited. We listened to recruiters and sourcers, and we kept hearing the same major challenges that come with the tasks of finding and managing candidates. While we could nerd out for hours on the technical details of our streamlined UI and incredible data set, we’ll keep it simple: Talemetry is solving recruiters’ problems.

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Topics: talent generation software, federated searcg, candidate sourcing, employer branding, Talemetry Product News

2 August 2013

Recruiting in the Relationship Economy

Posted by Susan Strayer

This post is by Susan Strayer LaMotte, founder of exaqueo, a workforce consultancy. She builds cultures, employer brands and talent strategies for startup and high-growth companies and shows them the real bottom-line value talent plays in company growth.

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Topics: candidate sourcing, employer branding, candidate experience, CandEs

27 June 2013

Resumes in Real Time: Profiling Dynamic Profiles

Posted by Talemetry Today

You’ve probably heard that recruiters hate reading resumes, or are too inundated with them for candidates to really stand out, but that’s not necessarily true. Recruiters hate looking at resumes of unqualified applicants. Any talent acquisition professional doing a search for a hard-to-fill role requiring direct sourcing will tell you that, in fact, finding the perfect resume – or its proximity – is one of the most thrilling parts of the job.

Problem is, it doesn’t happen very often. As far as most line recruiters are concerned, if you don’t look good on paper, you don’t look good for a job, no matter how good a job you’d actually do.

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Topics: hiring, dynamic profiles, candidate sourcing, federated search, talent generation, Talent Networks & Sourcing, hr technology, big data, resume parsing

24 June 2013

Applying Online Lead Generation Best Practices to Sourcing & Recruiting

Posted by Scott Weiss

Candidate sourcing is fast becoming a high-contact sport, with front-line recruiters developing new techniques and evolving old ones as the war for talent becomes more fierce. Filling the pipeline with high quality talent is today’s priority for Fortune 50 companies, staffing firms, and mid-size businesses. Fortunately for recruiters, we needn’t look far for some best practices for online lead generation to help make a significant impact to our talent pipelines. For the past decade, online marketing professionals have been busy developing a practice known as Demand Generation, which, in layman’s terms, is the art of online lead generation for a product or service through the web.

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Topics: Recruitment Marketing & Branding, candidate sourcing, talent generation, social recruiting, hr technology, recruitment marketing

11 June 2013

Travel Agents & Recruiters: The Impact of Federated Search

Posted by JamesT


Do you remember the first time you used an ATM? That moment when you realized that you no longer had to wait in a long line to deposit a check, or had to rely on banker’s hours? How about the first time you used a GPS, when suddenly, you knew that wrong turns, bad directions and getting lost became, in an instant, a thing of the past? Or how about the first time you fast forwarded through a commercial on your DVR?

These technological breakthroughs may seem kind of, well, boring by today’s standards, but each of these technologies accomplished the rare feat of true innovation: completely shattering the old way of doing things for something far more efficient and effective.

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Topics: candidate sourcing, federated search, recruiting trends, CRM, talent generation, talemetry, Talent Networks & Sourcing, hr technology

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