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14 August 2014

4 Reasons Why We Are Excited about HR Tech 2014!

Posted by Praj

Well I could come up with a lot more, but this would be a very long blog post and you wouldn’t read it. So here are my top four:

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2 July 2014

OHUG 2014 Wrap Up

Posted by Praj

Having had a few weeks back from the OHUG Global Conference in Las Vegas, we thought it worthwhile for a short wrap up blog post. It was a really interesting event from a number of angles. Before getting into that I wanted to say how hot it was in Las Vegas this year! 

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23 October 2013

How Big Data Is Changing Recruiting

Posted by JamesT

As the concept of “Big Data” becomes more mainstream, it’s important for hiring organizations to understand what it can do for recruiting efforts. Big Data precepts make it easy for organizations to take the vast amounts of information they have and make it work for them in new ways. Today we’ll take a look at what’s made these deeper analytics possible, and what that means for organizations that want to use them.

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27 June 2013

Resumes in Real Time: Profiling Dynamic Profiles

Posted by Talemetry Today

You’ve probably heard that recruiters hate reading resumes, or are too inundated with them for candidates to really stand out, but that’s not necessarily true. Recruiters hate looking at resumes of unqualified applicants. Any talent acquisition professional doing a search for a hard-to-fill role requiring direct sourcing will tell you that, in fact, finding the perfect resume – or its proximity – is one of the most thrilling parts of the job.

Problem is, it doesn’t happen very often. As far as most line recruiters are concerned, if you don’t look good on paper, you don’t look good for a job, no matter how good a job you’d actually do.

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25 June 2013

The Future of Oracle HCM: Why Mobile, Social & Big Data Matter

Posted by JamesT

The dust is finally settling following this year’s OHUG annual conference in Dallas. As it turns out, that timeworn maxim about everything being bigger in Texas is true - attendance was up, vendor participation increased, and there were no shortage of waistline busting barbecues.

Even in the sweltering heat of summer in the Lone Star State, it wasn't difficult for attendees to see where Oracle sees the future of their human capital systems and services. As the keynote presentations by Chris Leone, SVP & GM Oracle/Taleo HCM & TM or Gretchen Alarcon showed, Oracle HCM is moving to keep up with emerging trends and best practices in the industry. And, when it comes to the business of talent management, that future is inexorably intertwined with mobile recruiting, social recruiting and big data.

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2 April 2013

Top 10 HR Technology Influencers on Twitter

Posted by Talemetry Today

Breaking through the buzzwords, branding, and BS of HR Technology can be a challenge. A blend of high tech and high touch, the constantly shifting HR vendor landscape makes it difficult for most potential buyers to get real insight into the software, systems and solutions which are all basically designed to do create a perfect balance of personalization and automation. For most vendors out there, the answer, in some way, involves social media.

To really see the power of social in action, however, all you’ve really got to do is turn to Twitter. But with the HR Technology related Twitter chats, news and hashtags spilling over with shameless self -promotion, gimmicky giveaways, and corporate co-opting, it’s easier to get lost in than your average ATS.

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23 November 2012

Talemetry Today: Top 3 Enhancements from Our Latest Release

Posted by JamesT

At the end of this month we will be launching our latest version of Talemetry. If you are an existing Talemetry customer, you will automatically have access to all the enhancements for the modules you are licensed for and will receive an email detailing what’s new in this release.

While the release is full of great enhancements, I’d like to call out 3 in particular I feel will make a significant impact in helping organizations more efficiently and effectively find, attract, and engage top talent.

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29 October 2012

HR Tech Europe: New Recruiting & Hiring Lessons from the Old World

Posted by Talemetry Today

In his keynote presentation at the 2012 HR Tech Europe Conference in Amsterdam, Across Technology CEO Peter Hinnson discussed the concept of “the new normal,” and the impact of the “consumerization of technology” on the constantly evolving world of work.

While the jury’s still out if “consumerization” is an actual word (although dictionaries can’t possibly keep pace with Moore’s Law, after all), it was a recurring theme throughout the conference – and the industry dialogue in general.

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19 October 2012

HR Technology & Recruiting Trends: Taking a Timehop

Posted by Talemetry Today

One of the technologies that Craig Fisher recommended during the "Cool Tools" component of our workshop on Branding for Culture, which kicked off this week's Recruiting Trends Conference in Las Vegas, was Timehop - a service that basically sends you a daily e-mail with all your social media activity (and text messages, if you so desire - I don't) from exactly a year ago that day.

So I subscribed. And turns out that the Recruiting Conference (#TRC12) was being held a year to the day after I'd presented on "Building & Maintaining a Social Recruiting Framework" at the 2011 SHRM Atlanta Conference (#SHRMATL11). I'll be presenting at that conference again this April (#SHRMATL13) on the exact same topic I had just presented at #TRC12.

So basically, the last year in HR and recruiting has been pretty much, same stuff, different hashtag.

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