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24 January 2018

Go Beyond Keyword Searching to Get More Value from Your Taleo Database

Posted by Team Talemetry

“We need to go beyond keyword searching to get the most out of our Taleo database. We know that we have excellent candidates in our talent pool but we can’t effectively source them back into our pipeline.”

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Topics: taleo, ATS, recruitment marketing, oracle, apply process

3 October 2017

Are You Losing Great Candidates Because of Your Apply Process?

Posted by Team Talemetry

Meet Jim. Jim is your next great candidate who is going to fill that hard to find role. Jim has a middle manager level job as a business analyst in finance. He’s been at his company for 7 years. His job is okay, but not challenging him. He earned his MBA a couple of years ago, he’s itchy for new responsibilities. He knows he’s capable of making a much bigger and broader contribution to his company’s success. But he’s pigeonholed in his current job. His superiors are not going anywhere and there is no opportunity to move on or move up.

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Topics: candidate experience, recruitment marketing, apply process

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