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18 May 2015

Reports to Take Your Recruiting Analytics to the Next Level

Posted by Team Talemetry

In a Software Advice article titled “3 Recruiting Reports You Should Be Running Regularly” author Erin Osterhaus points out that “not all companies need-or want-to run highly complex human resources reports. Instead, many choose to keep it simple when it comes to reporting, focusing on one area that affects all businesses, no matter what their size or industry: recruiting.” She goes on to outline the following 3 standard recruiting reports that everyone is running. These standard recruiting reports are a great jumping off point, but with modern recruiting analytics, there is no longer a need to choose between ease and complexity.

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Topics: analytics, recruitment marketing, recruiting analytics

5 February 2015

What is Recruitment Marketing?

Posted by Team Talemetry

Marketing, in all its online and offline forms, is about connecting your brand to the right people at the right time with the right message. 

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Topics: employer branding, CRM, analytics, career sites, recruitment marketing, job boards

16 October 2014

Recruitment Marketing Takeaways From The 2014 HR Technology Conference

Posted by Talemetry Today

A good time was had by all at the 2014 HR Technology Conference. Talemetry was out in force with our latest generation recruitment marketing and sourcing platform. 

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Topics: cloud recruiting, candidate sourcing, talent management, Talent Trends, analytics, career sites, social recruiting, hr technology, candidate experience, recruitment marketing

14 August 2014

4 Reasons Why We Are Excited about HR Tech 2014!

Posted by Praj

Well I could come up with a lot more, but this would be a very long blog post and you wouldn’t read it. So here are my top four:

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Topics: cloud recruiting, partners, Talemetry Today, Recruitment Marketing & Branding, talent management, Talent Trends, recruiting trends, talent generation, analytics, hr technology, recruitment marketing, big data, events, Talemetry Product News

2 July 2014

OHUG 2014 Wrap Up

Posted by Praj

Having had a few weeks back from the OHUG Global Conference in Las Vegas, we thought it worthwhile for a short wrap up blog post. It was a really interesting event from a number of angles. Before getting into that I wanted to say how hot it was in Las Vegas this year! 

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Topics: cloud recruiting, Talemetry Today, Recruitment Marketing & Branding, Talent Trends, recruiting trends, talent generation, analytics, SaaS, taleo, ATS, hr technology, candidate experience, big data, events

21 May 2014

Applying Lessons Learned from Consumer Marketing to Recruiting

Posted by Praj

Most modern marketers know that no single touch point will cause a lead to make an immediate purchase. It can often take a dozen or more different marketing engagements. These touch points range from emails, direct mail, events, social ads, radio, television, online marketing and others.

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Topics: Talemetry Today, Recruitment Marketing & Branding, candidate sourcing, talent management, Talent Trends, recruiting trends, analytics, Talent Networks & Sourcing, career sites, hr technology, recruiting, candidate experience, recruitment marketing, talent acquisition

14 April 2014

Top 3 Mistakes in Multi-Channel Recruiting

Posted by Nin Sandhu

As organizations leverage more and more recruiting channels, it’s getting harder and harder to know what’s working and what’s not. It’s a constant struggle every recruiter faces: fill jobs with candidates and keep recruiting costs within budget. Here are the top 3 mistakes that most recruiters make in their multi-channel recruiting strategy:

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Topics: candidate sourcing, Talent Trends, recruiting trends, analytics, social recruiting, hr technology, recruiting, talent acquisition

23 October 2013

How Big Data Is Changing Recruiting

Posted by JamesT

As the concept of “Big Data” becomes more mainstream, it’s important for hiring organizations to understand what it can do for recruiting efforts. Big Data precepts make it easy for organizations to take the vast amounts of information they have and make it work for them in new ways. Today we’ll take a look at what’s made these deeper analytics possible, and what that means for organizations that want to use them.

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Topics: Talemetry Today, talent management, analytics, recruiting, big data

23 November 2012

Talemetry Today: Top 3 Enhancements from Our Latest Release

Posted by JamesT

At the end of this month we will be launching our latest version of Talemetry. If you are an existing Talemetry customer, you will automatically have access to all the enhancements for the modules you are licensed for and will receive an email detailing what’s new in this release.

While the release is full of great enhancements, I’d like to call out 3 in particular I feel will make a significant impact in helping organizations more efficiently and effectively find, attract, and engage top talent.

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Topics: Talemetry Today, candidate sourcing, talent generation, analytics, seo, talemetry, career sites, news, hr technology, big data, Talemetry Product News

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