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28 December 2016

Top Recruitment Marketing Trends and Accomplishments for 2016

Posted by Team Talemetry

2016 was a significant year for Talemetry® and recruitment marketing in general. As we look back on 2016, a few key trends rise to the top:

Trend 1: Candidate Scarcity Drives Recruitment Marketing

2016 was a tough year for hiring. All indications point to an increasing scarcity of candidates, especially in specialized positions. This trend is projected to peak in 2018, when the ratio of candidates to open jobs hits a one to one ratio. It is this macro trend that is compelling corporate recruiting organizations to rethink how they recruit. Leading organizations are increasing their recruitment marketing capabilities to ensure a steady stream of qualified candidates.

Trend 2: Proactive Recruiting

Most likely as a reaction to trend one, 2016 saw a mass move toward more proactive sourcing, both from Talemetry clients and from prospective clients engaging with Talemetry to sort out their internal sourcing capability. Candidate Relationship Management lies at the heart of this capability, but the ability to integrate external sourcing into CRM is redefining what CRM is. CRM capability without access to candidates does little to support proactive recruiting. And recruiting organizations are hungry for not only the ability to more easily engage with known candidates, but to find more of the right candidates.Social-Recruiting1.jpg

Trend 3: Automation

Recruitment marketing excellence requires recruiting organizations to adopt new strategies and capabilities. Regardless of technology's ability to support integrated inbound and outbound recruitment marketing, people are the at the core. A move toward automating key recruitment marketing functions is unlocking new capabilities by doing much of the recruiting grunt work for people. For example, key candidate searches can now be run automatically without recruiter intervention, allowing corporate recruiters to respond to great candidates rather than spend their time searching for them. By the same token, email automation can do everything from making initial contact with a hot candidate and inviting them to apply, to regularly engaging known candidates to keep them informed, propose appropriate jobs and generally keep them warm until such time as a best-fit job becomes available.

Talemetry Logs Significant Accomplishments in 2016

As we look back on 2016, Talemetry has logged a number of key accomplishments that both support 2016's recruiting trends and position our clients for increased success in 2017. These accomplishments include:

Important partnership with HealthcareSource┬«. Talemetry's recent deal to exclusively provide recruitment marketing technology to HealthcareSource's client base is not only an unprecedented partnership in the recruitment marketing platform space, but also reinforces the importance of recruitment marketing to one of North America's largest industry segments.

Several client expand their use. 2016 saw a number of Talemetry's enterprise clients acquire additional modules, expanding their ability to support full-cycle recruitment marketing strategies.

Highest Award for Advancement in Candidate Sourcing Technology. Talemetry was given aSilver Award for Advancement In Candidate Sourcing Technology from leading talent management research and advisory firm, Brandon Hall Group.

Three product updates. Talemetry released three product updates that introduced automated sourcing, new mobile Apply solutions, and dozens of other important features.

Vocal clients. The University of Calgary and UPMC both hit the road to recount their experiences with Talemetry for hungry audiences throughout North America. Get The Recruitment Marketing Handbook Free Download

iCIMS® Integration. Talemetry worked with iCIMS to provide a pre-built integration with iCIMS's leading applicant tracking system.

Named Top 500 Cloud Vendor. Talemetry was named a Top 500 Cloud Vendor by research firm Apps Run the World.

Record Year. With all the above trends and accomplishments, 2016 naturally proved to be an unprecedented year for new revenues for Talemetry as well.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our clients, future clients, partners, vendors, employees and other Talemetry stakeholders a Happy New Year!

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