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30 September 2013

The Resume Isn’t Dead

Posted by JamesT

cover letters, we’re talking to you) and the next big thing is on its way. You may have heard the premature announcement that the resume is dead. But common sense proves it’s not. It’s as vital and important as ever, even as social networks and online profiles gain popularity.

Here at Talemetry, we process millions of resumes a month. Job candidates get a choice: They can provide their own resume that we can extract information from, or they can use a social profile.

The numbers are clear: 3 percent of candidates use LinkedIn. Less than half a percent use Facebook and Google+. The remaining 97 percent of applicants in all industries, geographic areas and demographic profiles prefer a standard resume to communicate their professional credentials and work experience.

Of course, this statistic doesn’t mean that other information doesn’t matter. The electronic trail people leave through blogs, videos, news articles and other media contains a wealth of information a company can use to assess job candidates. But it goes to show that when candidates want to talk about themselves to potential employers, they almost always use a resume.

It’s important that companies that are busy recruiting remember this, because even as big-data capabilities make it possible to harvest all sorts of data from a wide variety of online sources, the resumes people post publicly or in an online application are going to be the richest source of information for a long time.

But companies should be ready: Participation in using social profiles as a source for the information traditionally listed on a resume is poised for growth. And it’s difficult to share resumes from mobile devices, so candidates who are using them may find social profiles easier to upload or share.

The key to making sure you’re getting all the information available to make decisions about the people you want to recruit is to recognize that the resume isn’t dead. It’s still the first stop for candidates and recruiters alike. What you need to do, though, is be able to combine the resume with the other sources of information in order to get as complete a candidate profile as possible.

Resumes are valuable because they’re what candidates choose to say about themselves -- where they’ve worked, what they think are their strong skills and who they want you to contact for more information. But the other information that’s out there on social networking sites, company blogs and other sources is just as valuable and can help you find the right candidates for your company.

The resume isn’t dead -- far from it. But as other sources of candidate profiles and information gain popularity, your recruiting team needs to be ready to take advantage of them.

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