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The Automated Candidate Sourcing Revolution

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14 September 2016

The Automated Candidate Sourcing Revolution

Posted by Team Talemetry

 As we’ve written before, when it comes to recruitment marketing, all facets are important and need to work together for best results. Avertising should support growing your centralized talent pool, candidate experience should improve advertising and outbound sourcing conversion results, email campaigns should reinforce employer branding, and so on.

That said, we are seeing a revolution of sorts that focuses strongly on a single aspect of recruitment marketing: Candidate sourcing. An increasing number of clients and prospective clients we engage with want to expand their sourcing capabilities, using recruitment marketing technologies like Candidate Relationship Management (CRM).autosource4-s.jpg

This makes sense, especially when recruiting for specialty positions. The fact is that candidate supply is short and demand is high. For healthcare, technology, and many other industries, product quality, service deliverability, and competitive advantage relies on a steady stream of top talent. For other industries? Well, how often these days do you hear of another CEO from a traditional industry proclaim “we are a technology company?”

Bottom line? Frequently, the most appropriate candidates are already employed. And corporate recruiting organizations need to get comfortable recruiting candidates that are already employed, the same way that contract recruiters have done for years. Organizations are looking to leverage all their impressions and interactions into long term relationships. They are coming to understand that treating each new open position as an island unto itself is wasteful. Merely advertising open positions tends to attract a higher percentage of unqualified talent.

Download Free Predictable Hiring Handbook The good news is that technology has now unlocked new sourcing efficiencies that simply weren’t possible a few years ago. With CRM and sourcing technology it’s now possible to centralize internal and external talent into a proprietary database that can be searched and organized into segmented pipelines so that each candidate becomes easily available to all recruiters for future jobs as well as current jobs.

Technology can now search all internal and external sources of talent in the background without recruiter involvement. It can match candidates and automatically email them inviting them to apply. It can send regular automated emails to potential candidates to educate them about your company and recruiting process so that when the right position opens up, they’re more likely to respond to your company and your opportunities.

Wait, you say. Isn’t sourcing all about clever Boolean searches, social network hacking, and long hours beating the bushes to find and contact the right people? It definitely can be, and perhaps should be, for certain positions. But technology is inciting a source first revolution that is ultimately about automating sourcing and engagement the same way it automated job board distribution several years ago.

Today, talent acquisition teams can source specialized and high volume positions at huge scale. They can capture and own the profiles they source, multiplying the value of their automated sourcing efforts. And because this change is technology-driven, organizations can minimize difficult cultural transitions. Traditional sourcing skillsets and competencies are often different than full cycle recruiting or general HR skillsets and competencies. Automated sourcing can do most of the heavy lifting, allowing organizations to leverage existing staff to work much the same way as they have in the past.

Is your organization wrestling with the transition from reactive recruiting to proactive sourcing? Check out the free eBook Predictable Hiring here.

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