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4 November 2015

Talent Network Pet Peeves to Avoid

Posted by Ian Alexander

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If you have a talent network, you’re already a step ahead of the many organizations that aren’t yet utilizing this valuable recruitment marketing tool. But what experience is your talent network providing to potential candidates? Without a positive user experience you’re not getting the most out of your talent network so it’s best to avoid these common talent network shortfalls I call my pet peeves:

Double entry

A talent network is useful to both the recruiter and the candidate, but you never want to force it upon a potential job applicant. Some companies are making the mistake of asking candidates to fill out a talent network profile at the front of the formal application. When the job applicant clicks to apply for a job, a message appears asking them to apply for the talent network first. Maybe all they want to do at that point is apply for the job, but you’re forcing them to do something else. If the talent network isn’t integrated with the rest of the platform, it’s forcing double entry since they will have to enter data in two different places. This creates a difficult and frustrating candidate experience. Instead, the application should include one question about opting in to the talent network. It should be as easy as checking a box if the candidate is interested in learning about other opportunities. If they aren’t, they simply don’t check the box. If the platform is integrated you should be able to take the data straight out of the ATS without having to ask for double entry from candidates.

Job recommendations only

So many "talent networks" are little more than a job recommendation sign up form.  In other words, candidates provide  an email and a selection of what kinds of jobs they are interested in.  This is a lost opportunity to start a relationship with these potential candidates. Sure, ask them what kinds of jobs they are interested in, but have them upload a resume or register with a LinkedIn profile. Now you know enough about them to add them to strategic talent pipelines, recommend appropriate jobs, reach out to them with personal invitations to apply or with content that is relevant to their skills and experience. 

A non-mobile friendly experience

Get The Talent Network Solution Snapshot Free Download The purpose of talent networks is to engage potential candidates as they wish to engage with you. Today that is via a mobile device. 30% or more of your traffic is likely viewing your career site on a mobile device and that number is only going to continue to increase. For some companies in certain niches it’s really more than 50%. If you don’t provide a mobile friendly experience, the talent network isn’t going to be as robust as it could be. It’s important to remember that a mobile friendly talent network offering isn’t the same as a mobile friendly job application process. Ideally the job application process is mobile friendly as well but it’s not always possible since some application processes have too much going on from a screening or compliance perspective. A mobile friendly talent network is the antidote to that issue. Using a mobile device, it should be simple to opt in to a talent network by connecting with a social profile or uploading a resume or CV from Dropbox. It’s a way for companies that do have a complex application process to continue to drive engagement and begin a relationship with potential candidates.

Companies must consider all of the money they’re putting into their talent networks from a conversion perspective. Eliminating talent network pet peeves can boost conversion rates and cut the cost per candidate.

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