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6 August 2013

Recruiters: Your Job Just Got Easier

Posted by JamesT

Big news. This week, we’re rolling out new updates at Talemetry, and we think you’re going to be pretty excited. We listened to recruiters and sourcers, and we kept hearing the same major challenges that come with the tasks of finding and managing candidates. While we could nerd out for hours on the technical details of our streamlined UI and incredible data set, we’ll keep it simple: Talemetry is solving recruiters’ problems.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be sharing the new features we’ve designed and tweaked to make recruiters’ jobs easier. Let’s start with two challenges we heard about most often from recruiters when it comes to sourcing:

1. I have to look for candidates in too many places! Searching job board databases, social networks, my ATS, and countless other sources takes a lot of time and energy.

The Talemetry Solution: Federated search.


To put it simply, federated search brings all of your data together so that you can search all possible candidates in one place. Talemetry connects every candidate source (job boards, social media, your own ATS) in one easy-to-use screen. That means no more opening multiple windows or browser tabs and logging into a million tools (what’s that password again?) to do a search for that JAVA developer, retail store worker, financial advisor, or whoeveratever you’ve been looking for.

With Talemetry, you won’t even care where a candidate is coming from. Instead, you can focus on key skills and characteristics.

You can also ensure that you’re leveraging all of the sourcing resources available to you - including the valuable candidates inside your own ATS. You’ve already paid for those candidates, so why not go to them first before you post new job ads? The best candidates may be right under your nose, and Talemetry helps you find them, fast.

2. There isn’t a standard format for candidate profiles or resumes. It’s tough to directly compare candidates with each other across platforms.

The Talemetry Solution: Instant, consistent candidate profiles that live directly inside the sourcing tool.

With one click, a sourcer can see a full social profile of a candidate, created with data available online. Once you’ve found several keepers, you can rank and compare candidates with each other directly -- whether they came from a job board, your ATS, or Talemetry’s database of 150 million candidates.

The man behind many of these updates, Talemetry VP of Product Tim Lang, shares his perspective in this video:

Talemetry 2013 Summer Release Highlights with Tim Lang on YouTube

At Talemetry, we’re dedicated to improving the recruiter workflow. Ready to get productive? Take our talent generation software for a spin.

Talemetry delivers all the tools recruiters need to find, attract, and engage the talent they need today – and tomorrow – in a single, simple and social cloud-based solution. As the leading provider of talent generation solutions, the Talemetry software-as-a-service (SaaS) suite includes talent sourcing & CRM, job broadcasting, career sites and candidate application solutions. Schedule a demo today to learn how Talemetry can help you find better talent faster.

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