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10 March 2015

Talemetry Review: "Everything Your ATS Doesn’t Do, But You Wished It Did"

Posted by Team Talemetry

That's high praise coming from recruiting thought (and action!) leader Tim Sackett.  His blog, The Tim Sackett Project is an insightful and often entertaining look at recruiting from the leader of HRU Technical Resourcesa $40M IT and Engineering contract staffing firm and RPO. In his latest T3 (Talent Technology Tuesday) article, Tim reviewed Talemetry.

You should check out the entire article, but the things I liked about the review are the things Tim liked about Talemetry. 

From Tim's Talemetry review:

sackett5 Things I really liked about Talemetry

  1. Perfect tool for Talent Acquisition leaders who are managing multiple locations that are using multiple ATSs and you are struggling to get all this data under one roof.  The depth of analytics within Talemetry allows you to really optimize your recruitment operations.
  2. Two integration with your ATS.  Talemetry isn’t just pulling information out of your ATS, it also is putting information back in.  For those using Oracle and Taleo, this is important. The last thing you want, using an enterprise level ATS, is using a recruitment marketing tool that is just a work-around.
  3. Talemetry helps your team source on a number of levels socially, job boards, etc., but also leverages your own internal ATS database to source as well.  The most underutilized sourcing tool we all have is our own database, and Talemetry doesn’t allow you to forget this!
  4. Get The Recruitment Marketing Handbook Free Download Recruitment performance metrics. You don’t expect this from a recruitment marketing/automation type of software, but Talemetry delivers great individual Recruiter metrics.  Another powerful tool for leaders managing multiple locations and recruiting team spread all over.
  5. Auto broadcasting your jobs out is expected.  Auto broadcasting your jobs out based on rules, like title, location, etc. is pretty cool.  Talemetry allows you to build in specific rules of what and where you broadcast your jobs out to.

I agree with Tim that recruitment marketing and recruitment marketing automation are the future of recruiting and that's what drives the people at Talemetry.  We've helped some of the largest and most progressive employers in the world get more of the right kind of candidates without ditching their applicant tracking systems.

For anyone wanting to learn more about recruitment marketing in general, we've created a comprehensive handbook you can download here for free.

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