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2 October 2013

Talemetry Product Focus: Optimized Application Process

Posted by JamesT

Today we’re taking another look at some of the features that make Talemetry such a powerful tool when companies are looking for top-line job candidates. We talked earlier this week about how, contrary to some reports, the resume isn’t dead -- the vast majority of job applicants prefer to upload a resume to a careers site, rather then upload the information from a social network such as LinkedIn or Google+.

But social sites will likely grow in popularity as a source for resume information, so your company needs to be ready to capture that information from the source your applicant prefers. We’ve optimized our apply process across devices and formats -- take a look!

This is the behind-the-scenes administration screen. Recruiting managers can easily customize the apply process. You can write your own questions and greetings depending on what position you’re hiring for, pool you’re hiring from, or other considerations such as diversity hiring.

Talemetry also allows two-way integration with your chosen assessment providers, background checks, drug testing, and hundreds more through the Talemetry Vendor Network directly within the apply process.

This is where Talemetry allows you to choose where to send candidate information. The options are to let people join a candidate network and send their information to Talemetry or to integrate with your company’s ATS, and where recruiters begin to scan social profiles to build candidate profiles. In addition, hiring managers can integrate data gathered from social profiles with information from other databases.

For job candidates, the process of applying begins with a screen that displays your logo and a customized welcome message. Candidates are given the option to apply in a variety of ways -- through a social network, or by uploading a resume document, PDF or web page. Being able to accept all of these application formats ensures a candidate isn’t discouraged by incompatible formats.

People who are using their mobile devices to apply for jobs are often stymied by career microsites that aren’t optimized for mobile users. Certain demographics or roles are more likely to use mobile devices to apply for jobs. Talemetry makes it easy for your company to reach them.

Customizing the pages that your job candidates use to interact with your company is all part of providing a great candidate experience, reducing drop-off rate.

Talemetry delivers all the tools recruiters need to find, attract, and engage the talent they need today – and tomorrow – in a single, simple and social cloud-based solution. As the leading provider of talent generation solutions, the Talemetry software-as-a-service (SaaS) suite includes talent sourcing & CRM, job broadcasting, career sites and candidate application solutions. Schedule a demo today to learn how Talemetry can help you find better talent faster.

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