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29 October 2013

Talemetry Product Focus: Job Lists and Actions (or...I have a role to fill, now what?)

Posted by JamesT

When we look at a typical ‘day in the life’ of a recruiter the tasks may vary, the activities may vary, and of course the results may vary. But what doesn’t change is the fundamental challenge of finding, attracting, and engaging candidates and getting them to express interest and apply for jobs.

Recruiters have lots of choices on what to do once a new role is posted. In today’s Talemetry Product Focus we look at how we simplify those choices so recruiters can get started quickly in filling the role and ultimately measure the results and business impact of their recruitment marketing efforts.

The Job ListYoung girl with yellow stars circleing around her head illustration.jpeg

Knowing what roles need filling is the first step. Talemetry pulls open roles from the Applicant Tracking System and presents the list of jobs to the recruiter including a brief job description.

One click unveils the job details, the candidates that have already applied for the roles or are members of the organizations talent pool (or network).


Taking Action

If there are enough of the right candidates, the recruiter can simply contact the candidate by phone or email while the system records the activities. However, if there aren’t enough candidates, or enough the right ones, then the recruiter can literally take action.

Social Networks

The first step could be to just share with your social media networks (assuming of course you have already built your following on these channels). There is a lot more to social recruiting than posting to social sites, but being able to do it with one click saves a lot of time and energy to get the news out about open roles.


Job Board Advertising

The next action could be sharing with job boards. There are ‘free’ boards from job aggregators that you can automatically post jobs, large job boards, niche job boards, regional, and more available to post your open roles. Wherever you post, make sure you can manage your costs across all your boards.

Share with Recruiting Agencies

Recruiting Agencies often are the best source of candidates for organizations so managing them is a critical element of a recruiting strategy. Being able to share job with agencies should be as easy as you can with sharing jobs through social media. With just a couple clicks talent acquisition professionals, hiring managers, or recruiters can send a customized email with details on open roles with their agencies.


Once an agency submits a candidate for the role the system can detect whether that candidate is already in process, or in your system, so you can avoid paying unnecessarily for duplicate candidates.

Measuring Results Across ALL Sources

The choice of job boards and recruiting agencies is essentially endless so ensuring you can track spend and effectiveness of which boards work, and don’t work, for each role is critical. Talemetry tracks across all sources of candidates including summary of how many viewed, started, and completed the application process. Monitoring these results is essential to managing recruiting costs, improving candidate quality, and tracking the candidate experience.

Business Impact

When we work with our customers, we prepare summaries on a regular basis to track and optimize their recruiting spend. What we often find is a disconnect between lots of candidates viewing the site and actual applicants. Many clients measure the effectiveness of a specific channel by the top of the funnel only to discover that the best candidates who make it through the process are coming from another source. Having a system that connects to all sources (including the ATS, job boards, social media and agencies) is the only way to truly understand and improve the end to end recruiting process.

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