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13 December 2016

Talemetry's Final Recruitment Marketing Platform Release of 2016

Posted by Team Talemetry

Clients of Talemetry's award winning recruitment marketing platform know they can expect multiple product updates per year. That's part of the value of utilizing a Software as a Service (SaaS) recruitment marketing platform, backed by a growing vendor with an active development strategy like Talemetry.

Quietly over the last few months we have moved to an even more active release cycle that still includes multiple major product updates each year. But we have added more frequent, smaller releases to augment our normal major releases.2016-3_Talemetry.jpg

New for 2016

To that end we are excited to announce our final release of 2016. This new release includes dozens of enhancements and performance improvements. Most performance enhancements are invisible to clients, save for the speed and efficiency they yield.

But we do have a few new goodies that show up for clients this month that increase their ability to get more of the right candidates. These enhancements include:

  • Engaging more qualified candidates with required qualifications. Talemetry's job applications and talent networks now allow organizations to require multiple education and work history records. This enables organizations to only accept applications and/or talent network opt-ins that have the required work history and/or educational qualifications needed for a given position. It also enables clients to require minimum experience and qualification for anyone to engage them through an application or talent network, ensuring recruiters get enough candidate data for sourcing candidates in the future.
  • Enhanced ability to market jobs to students. Clients can now easily record future graduation dates using Talent Networks and Events for pipelining and engaging candidates based on future graduation dates. This new capability makes it easier to schedule emails and create campaigns tailored around future graduating classes and their majors.
  • Sourcing faster and more efficiently. The new release features an improved Auto Search creation workflow that makes creating an auto search as easy as saving a manual search. Auto Search enables organizations to automatically run sourcing campaigns from their internal and external talent pools round the clock. Recruiters get notified as Talemetry locates new qualified candidates for them, rather than spending hours creating and running candidate searches. CLICK FOR  FREE  TALEMETRY DEMO

In fact, there are more than 50 overall enhancements and performance improvements in this release. Despite the number, this a small release for Talemetry and it enables us to push performance improvements out to clients more quickly. And of course we can squeeze in new features that might have previously waited for a larger release.

These new enhancements are available to Talemetry clients and prospective clients immediately.

Stay tuned for news about 2017 and all the great new product features in the pipeline for Talemetry clients.

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