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23 November 2012

Talemetry Today: Top 3 Enhancements From Our Latest Release

Posted by JamesT

At the end of this month we will be launching our latest version of Talemetry. If you are an existing Talemetry customer, you will automatically have access to all the enhancements for the modules you are licensed for and will receive an email detailing what’s new in this release.

While the release is full of great enhancements, I’d like to call out 3 in particular I feel will make a significant impact in helping organizations more efficiently and effectively find, attract, and engage top talent.

Enhanced Tracking Analytics

Numerous enhancements have been made to make it easy to track where your candidates are coming from. If they were sourced, you can see where they were found. If the candidate found one of your job postings, you can see which board, social site, or career site they found it. You can even track candidates on your career sites to see when they viewed a posting, when they started the application process, and if they completed it. Knowing where your top candidates are coming from will help you fine-tune and optimize future recruiting activities.

Custom Filters for Sourcing

Organizations can now create their own custom filters allowing recruiters to quickly and easy narrow down large candidate pools across multiple sources and find the top candidates they are looking for. For example, if an organization only hires based on a candidate having a certain degree, a custom filter can be created to remove all candidates that do not meet this requirement. So when a recruiter creates a single search across multiple job board candidate databases, social networks, the open web and the recruiter's ATS, only candidates with the required degree will be displayed. This will dramatically increase the efficiency of recruiters finding the top available talent across multiple sources and millions of candidates.

Career Site SEO

You can now boost job page visibility when creating your custom career sites. By entering keywords, job titles, and descriptions that search engines use for ranking, you can increase the likelihood that candidates searching for jobs on Google will find your postings on your career site. This will create more visibility and generate more awareness about your open positions, attracting more top candidates.

Even though Talemetry continues to gain momentum in the marketplace, clearly our Product Management and Development teams aren’t about to rest on their laurels. They keep pumping out great new features and functionalities - and you won't believe what's coming up in our next release!

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