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28 June 2016

Talemetry Clients Share Success Stories at the Oracle HCM User Group (OHUG) Global Conference

Posted by Team Talemetry

Talemetry clients University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) and University of Calgary were invited to present their stories of how they leverage Talemetry and Oracle HCM systems for exceptional recruiting outcomes at the annual OHUG Global Conference.

This is the second year in a row where multiple Talemetry clients were invited to present.

University of Calgary Increases Applicants Per Job by 50%

University of Calgary highlighted their experience using Talemetry to increase the reach of their open jobs through broad and measurable job distribution. At the same time they standardized and showcased their employer brand with targeted and mobile/social optimized career sites.OHUG-booth.jpeg

The packed room was fully engaged and quite impressed with the outcomes. University of Calgary was able to increase their applicants per job by 50% and boost their traffic by over 500% – all while preserving their investment in PeopleSoft’s ATS.

These are impressive results, and beyond the external success of the project, University of Calgary experienced unexpected internal benefits. Since building their initial business case and leveraging Talemetry’s source-to-hire analytics for their recruitment optimization efforts, the recruiting team found that their profile was raised significantly within the University. Their analytical approach to their recruiting strategies and optimization made them sought after for strategic input throughout the University. This was not a goal of the project, but a very welcome outcome, indeed.

Get a full case study for University of Calgary here.

UPMC Migrates to Taleo Via Talemetry

UPMC’s presentation enjoyed a packed theater as well, and the venue was much larger. UPMC told of their experience using Talemetry to increase their candidate acquisition capabilities, while using Talemtry’s Taleo integration to facilitate their move from PeopleSoft to what is now called Oracle Recruiting Cloud Service (Taleo Enterprise Edition).

UPMC leveraged Talemetry’s Source & CRM, Job Distribution and Candidate Experience solutions to provide their recruiters with state of the art sourcing and communication tools, while giving candidates an elevated career site/apply solution for engaging with UPMC and searching and applying for jobs. At the same time, they leveraged Talemetry’s Oracle HCM integrations to synchronize jobs and candidates between Talemetry and their old PeopleSoft system and their new Taleo system.

This allowed them to: New Call-to-action

  • Provide both recruiters and candidates with a functional interface that would stay the same after the cutover to the new Taleo system
  • Gradually switch over from one system to the other, one phase at a time
  • Save money on data migration utilizing Talemetry’s two-way sync
  • Reduce the disruption of a hard cutover from the old system to the new

As a result, UPMC was able to go live with Taleo Enterprise Edition with fully automated job posting (no recruiter intervention), a centralized pool of potential candidates (including past ATS applicants) that’s growing at 30k profiles per month, and a fully mobile-enabled career site that’s optimized for converting visitors into applicants.

Between Talemetry’s client successes and pre-built integrations for all of the Oracle HCM recruiting solution, this OHUG made it clear why Talemetry is the logical choice for recruitment marketing platforms for Taleo Enterprise Edition, Taleo Business Edition, PeopleSoft, and iRecruitment. 

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