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26 June 2015

Social Sourcing Your Next Great Hire

Posted by Team Talemetry

LinkedIn recently released their "US Recruiting Trends" report for 2015 and right in the introductory paragraph they state "Social media and digital marketing are becoming the new norm in how we recruit." To find and win the best talent these days, companies need to stay ahead of the latest recruiting trends and that means getting in front of both active and passive candidates wherever they are. And today, that wherever is on social networks.

According to the LinkedIn report, US and global talent acquisition leaders agree that sourcing skilled talentSocial_Sourcing is the linchpin of any successful recruiting organization. But competition is the number one obstacle US companies face in attracting that top talent. Great candidates are going to be chased by multiple companies and chances are they won't be available for long. Even passive candidates can be scooped up quickly when the offer is good enough. Talent acquisition teams need to use every tool at their disposal in order to stay in-front of the best candidates including their career websites, Internet job boards, employee referral programs and social professional networks.

Social media is an incredibly powerful sourcing tool because it levels the playing field by opening up the accessibility and connectedness of professionals and helps you find the top talent your company wants. It doesn't matter if your talent acquisition team is just one person, social media channels give you the ability to reach great talent just as effectively as a 10 person talent acquisition team. Social channels also help you build your employer brand and showcase why great talent should want to work for you! After all, the whole point of social media networks is to connect people and encourage conversations. With social channels at your disposal you can really focus on building an employer brand that speaks to potential hires. Your employer brand is created by how current employees and potential hires think, feel, and talk about your company as a place to work. And a strong employer brand reduces cost per hire by over 50% and lowers turnover rates by 28% so yes, it's something you really do want to focus on building! You spend countless hours and millions of dollars building a powerful customer-facing brand, why not spend at least some of that time and money building an employer brand that is equally strong?

Get The Recruitment Marketing Handbook Free Download Social professional networks are the fastest growing source of quality hires in the US, increasing 57% over the past 4 years! Compared to other companies globally, US companies source quality hires significantly more from social professional networks, and significantly less from traditional search & staffing agencies. This means your in-house team has more power and more control than ever before when it comes to sourcing top talent. Great talent is no longer hidden away by staffing agencies; you get to reach out to them directly! Your talent acquisition team, no matter how big or small, can use social professional networks to find and nurture the best active and passive candidates. And since globally, 75% of professionals consider themselves “Passive,” social professional networks might be the only way you get to stay connected to top talent to nurture your talent pool.

In any case, it is important to approach social sourcing from a holistic, long term perspective. That means that any source you tap, make sure you have a proprietary, integrated talent pool that you can pull profiles into. That way, any engagement or long term relationship is governed by you and not a third party social network.

Global recruiting leaders agree: social and professional networks are the most essential and long-lasting trend in recruiting. So what are you doing to ensure that your company is taking advantage of all the social sourcing power right at your fingertips?

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