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14 February 2014

Social Recruiting vs Sourcing

Posted by Nin Sandhu

I recently came across a article titled My Plea to Retire the Term #SocialRecruiting by Jeremy Roberts, and I couldn't agree more. It’s time we all decided that “Social Recruiting” simply is a part of the basic sourcing and recruiting process. Here are my reasons why:

When you break it down, social sites are basically just vast candidate databases. Recruiters can source their talent directly from LinkedIn for example, in addition to other various candidate sources such as their ATS, talent networks, job boards, and open web talent.

When posting jobs to job boards, social channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and so on become just another job advertising channel where recruiters can reach talent that might not be actively be looking. And these channels are free!

When building your employer brand or marketing to talent, social channels are just another medium where you can drive additional engagement and conversations to increase awareness about your organization to a broader audience.

When candidates apply for jobs, especially using mobile devices, instantly accepting social network applications such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+ is a must! Because let's be honest, who really keeps a copy of their resume on their smartphone?

The point is that social channels are intertwined with the overall recruiting process. It is no longer realistic to expect that “Social Recruiting” is distinct from traditional sourcing and recruiting. It is a part of it; another candidate database, advertising channel, and engagement network.

What are your thoughts?

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