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16 October 2014

Recruitment Marketing Takeaways From The 2014 HR Technology Conference

Posted by Talemetry Today

A good time was had by all at the 2014 HR Technology Conference. Talemetry was out in force with our latest generation recruitment marketing and sourcing platform. 

We spoke with many customers, prospective customers, media, and analysts while in Las Vegas. We left with a couple of key takeaways with respect to the conference, and the recruiting technology space in general:

Mobile not so hot, but should be


According to research, almost 60% of companies have not tackled their mobile recruiting problems. Their career sites and/or their mobile apply processes do not work well (or at all) with mobile devices. Depending on whom you talk to, 30% or more of candidate traffic is mobile, so companies are missing out if they don't at least impress the mobile candidate as they are discovering opportunities.

Yet we were surprised at the lack of conversation about mobile, and the analysts we spoke with surmised there are easier problems for recruiting organizations to tackle at the moment. So organizations that haven't already tackled mobile are currently avoiding fixing this definite problem. (Note to reader: Talemetry and other vendors can integrate with your current ATS to solve all this relatively easily.)

Recruitment marketing coming on strong, but what is it?

There was a lot of interest and talk about direct sourcing, pipelining, and campaigning candidates through social, internal, and external sources.

Many recruiting organizations are interested in expanding their candidate relationship capabilities, but don’t quite know what they want.

Some think that their ATS will support recruitment marketing and sourcing, but don’t quite know how deeply or effectively. Others define recruitment marketing as branding and career site optimization, but are very new to direct sourcing, pipelining, and campaigning candidates, while measuring the success of their outreach.

We spoke with one analyst who was keen to build out a maturity model for recruitment marketing, but has yet to find a company to point to as a mature, best of breed practitioner.

All that said, the market is moving toward proactive candidate relationship management, and recruiters are fully understanding that recruitment marketing and direct sourcing needs to be on their focus list for 2014/15.

It's about optimizing recruitment operations

The challenge is to view recruitment marketing as a strategic move toward refining overall recruitment operations. Most organizations look at recruitment marketing tools as an enabling technology for recruiters. And to be sure, implementing and measuring direct sourcing, pipelining, and campaigning tools can be a tremendous boost to recruiter efficiency.

But when analyzed within the overall candidate source mix, direct sourcing and recruitment marketing can drive optimization of overall recruiting efforts. Without a holistic view of recruitment marketing in the entire sourcing mix, candidate relationship management and direct sourcing becomes another island of data without context.

[hs_action id="6137"]Is direct sourcing more effective than advertising? Which facet of direct sourcing is most effective, social or email? Which messages are driving the most candidates? How good are our application completion rates, and can we improve the ROI of our sourcing spend by improving conversion? Which keywords are driving quality hires to our career sites?

And just as importantly, what recruitment marketing activities are our recruiters each using and which recruiters are achieving the highest performance? Can we benchmark and train recruiters based on the tactics and results of our top performers in our organization?

This is where recruitment operations efficiency is achieved.

Many companies are out looking for candidate relationship management technology and they are finding the definition of the term varies by which vendor they talk to. For ATS vendors, it’s incremental improvements to emailing, social posting, and referral support. For the various point solution vendors, recruitment marketing happens to be defined by the strength of their best module. For some it’s career site and mobile applications. For others it is built around social referral.

The companies that stopped by the Talemetry booth were treated to our latest generation recruitment marketing platform, which includes mobile recruiting, staffing agency and candidate relationship management, and sourcing modules. But the lasting impression, we were told, was catching a glimpse of how end-to-end sourcing analytics could drive significant operational improvements within their already stretched recruiting environments. And the fact that no one has to ditch their ATS, and that Talemetry works WITH what they have? That was a definite plus.

Until next year…

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