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Recruitment Marketing Platform or New ATS?

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23 November 2016

Recruitment Marketing Platform or New ATS?

Posted by Team Talemetry

Talemetry is in the process of compiling data for a report on the state of recruitment marketing technology for 2017. We asked several thousand recruiting professionals where they plan to get their recruitment marketing capabilities. Spoiler alert: The number one answer was "Investigate other ATSs to expand recruitment marketing capability" and the number two answer was "Adopt what our ATS provides."

Aptitude Research released a report earlier this year revealing that 70% of the organizations they surveyed plan to invest in a recruitment marketing platform in 2016.

"46% of organizations will investigate changing applicant tracking systems to increase their recruitment marketing capability"

So it's clear that organizations are hungry for more effective ways of acquiring candidates. And it would appear that they are looking to change applicant tracking systems to provide recruitment marketing tools, if that's what it takes.workforce.jpg

Recruitment Marketing Platforms vs. Marketing Automation Platforms

But if we compare recruitment marketing automation platforms with broad marketing automation platforms, organizations should probably be looking outside core ATS vendors for solutions.

Over the last decade and a half, sales and service organizations automated their processes using customer relationship management platforms like, NetSuite, and other systems. Much like recruiting organizations have standardized applicant tracking systems.

And marketing organizations used a variety of tools to attract, capture, and engage potential customers. In fact, they used so many tools that it became very difficult to manage and impossible to get a clear view of what was working and what wasn't (is this sounding familiar?).

Eventually vendors like HubSpot, Eloqua, Marketo, and others filled the gap, providing effective tools for acquiring, engaging, and converting leads, analyzing results, and optimizing marketing programs and overall operations.

Get The Recruitment Marketing Handbook Free Download Many of these platforms integrated with CRM systems, making them more valuable. But ultimately, core CRM providers never developed a toolset that could compare with the capabilities of dedicated marketing automation platforms.

Marketing automation and sales automation systems became deeply integrated through strategic partnerships, allowing sales and marketing teams to have access to the same data, yet take advantage of best of breed platforms for acquiring leads and converting them to customers.

If history is any indicator, relying on your ATS provider to develop a recruitment marketing toolset that compares with today's recruitment marketing systems is probably not the safest bet.

Integrating Best of Breed

Talemetry just completed a significant partnership with HealthcareSource last week, essentially providing access to an integrated, advanced recruitment marketing platform for HealthcareSource® clients.

Just weeks before this, Talemetry finalized an integration and partnership with iCIMS®.

Talemetry also has a significant and long-standing partnership with Oracle®, with Talemetry's recruitment marketing platform deeply integrated with Oracle's entire line of applicant tracking systems.

All of these partners provide leading applicant tracking systems for their markets. All of them provide valuable recruitment marketing capabilities. In some cases, their native capabilities may meet your recruitment marketing needs.

But if they don't, take a deep breath before deciding to switch ATS systems. If history plays out like it did for broad marketing systems, it would be unwise to change your ATS based on its recruitment marketing capabilities.

Better to take advantage of the game-changing capabilities of established recruitment marketing platforms and ATS integrations to meet your candidate acquisition needs.

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