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20 September 2013

Recruiting Technology News: Talent Sourcing Edition

Posted by JamesT

Recruiting technology improves and streamlines the recruiting process in many ways. Namely, it helps recruiters locate better candidates and get more reliable data for those candidates -- all in an easily measurable way. With new advances in recruitment marketing and talent sourcing, recruiting itself is becoming more clear and concise, allowing recruiters to focus on developing relationships and creating excellent candidate experiences.

This week’s Recruiting Technology Roundup provides articles with insight and opinions on talent sourcing.

  • Let’s Be Honest: You Can Automate Sourcing by Manny Medina at ERE: “Talent sourcing — “sourcing” for short — contains a number of regular tasks that are common, mundane, and can be easily automated, outsourced, and wrapped in as-a-service platform to create sourcing-as-a-service. This platform would bring state of the art sourcing to all recruiters and would cease to make sourcing a core differentiating advantage. This development should be good news to all recruiters as the sourcing-as-a-service platform would leave them time to concentrate on the truly human aspect of sourcing such as understanding client needs, culture, developing relationship with talent, and closing the job req.”Industry News on the Mechanism of Metal Gears..jpeg
  • 7 Twitter Tactics to Source Top Talent by Tactics HR at Social-Hire: “Social recruiting is rapidly changing the rules of the talent acquisition game. With the continuous emergence of new social media platforms, LinkedIn isn’t the only way to engage candidates and source new talent. Through Twitter alone, we can now reach millions of people with a single tweet. But here’s the problem: when it comes to recruiting, reaching millions of people doesn’t mean you are reaching the RIGHT people. Are you getting the most out of social media recruiting strategy if you are just posting-and-praying?”
  • Finding Personal Email Addresses on the Internet, Part WHOIS by Amybeth Hale via Sourcecon: “As a sourcer or a recruiter, one of the best ways to differentiate yourself these days when reaching out to prospects is knowing the best places to reach them. Personal contact information – a home or mobile phone number or a personal email address – are methods of contact most recruiters think they don’t have time to hunt down or simply don’t know how to find. Reaching people where other recruiters can’t – or won’t – will set you apart, and at the very least give you an opportunity to tell a cool story about how you were able to stalk, er, track down their contact information.”
  • Why CV Databases Are a Waste of Time by Amy Edwards at The Undercover Recruiter: “Think about when you were searching for your last job and you uploaded your CV to a jobs board/site in an attempt to catch a potential recruiter’s eye. When you got your new job, did you go back and take down your CV? Of course you didn’t – and neither did 99% of the people who were searching for a new job at the same time. 9 times out of 10, the CVs featured in a job board’s database are old and out of date – so they don’t give an accurate reflection of the candidate’s work history…and there’s a chance they might not even have the correct contact details. This means, should you use a CV database, there’s a pretty strong chance you might get sent on a wild goose chase trying to track down a potential candidate.”
  • Building Talent Pipelines and Just-In-Time Recruiting – Part 3 by Glen Cathey at Boolean Black Belt: “Just-In-Time (JIT) is a pull-based production strategy that strives to improve a business’s return on investment by reducing in-process inventory and associated carrying costs, making it easy for companies to react to specific demands with agility and speed with the goal of producing the exact product (or performing the exact service) that a customer wants, when they want it, in the amount they want. Applying this concept to talent identification and acquisition, Just-In-Time recruiting is a pull-based strategy of providing hiring managers/clients with candidates that exactly match their needs, when they want them, in the amount they want.”

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