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18 October 2013

Recruiting Technology News: Social Candidate Sourcing Edition

Posted by JamesT

The search for talent is quickly moving beyond traditional job boards and static career sites. The talent search is now inherently mobile and social. New apps and search options help recruiters target those top talent candidates. Specifically, Facebook’s graph search provides recruiters with a new source of candidates to bring into your sourcing and candidate relationship management solution to rank, compare, contact, and engage prospective candidates.

This week, we rounded up articles that shed some light on the current state of social recruiting.

  • How to Recruit with Facebook Graph Search [Infographic] by Jorgen Sundberg at Undercover Recruiter: “Facebook Graph Search is an entirely new way to look at social recruiting. With a traditional content search, you may have spent time looking for candidates on the surface. Now, you can find talented people based on their interests and experiences in a targeted search. So, what exactly makes this tool so beneficial to talent acquisition? This infographic shows you how to get started with Facebook Graph Search in order to find the best employees.”

  • Why Graph Search Is Moving Databases to a New Level by Chris Preimesberger at eWeek: “Little do we know how popular cloud services such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and Web-based email have not only improved the way people interconnect, socialize and do business, they also help improve our search for information on the Web. But they have, and significantly so. Because computers and networks remember everything we do when we punch a keyboard, click on a Website or touch a virtual keyboard, those massive logs of data saved by networks are now leading us into a new world of search: graph search.”

  • Survey Shows 5 Somewhat Surprising Lessons For Recruiters by John Hollon at TLNT: “According to the survey, nearly two in five employers (39 percent) have jobs that stay open four months or longer due to the inability to find people with appropriate skills. Mobile job search is growing at an accelerated rate, and employers who aren’t mobile-optimized are missing out on key talent they need to find quickly. At least half of job seekers with mobile devices spend three hours or more looking for jobs via those devices every week (49 percent on smart phones and 59 percent on tablets).”

  • 4 Ways to Write LinkedIn Messages That Actually Get Read by Sara McCord at Mashable: “Before you write the message, ask yourself: How do I know this person, and why am I reaching out to him or her? Is this someone you know and need advice from? Someone you share a contact with and want to know more about? A stranger with whom you’re hoping to connect for the first time? Use that information, then, to craft as specific a subject line as possible: ‘Following Up from Last Night’s Event’ is more likely to be read than ‘Following Up.’ ‘Fellow Teacher Interested in Urban Education Reform’ is better than ‘Loved Your Speech.’ ‘Mutual Contact?’ Don’t even think about it.”

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