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27 September 2013

Recruiting Technology News: Social Recruiting Edition

Posted by JamesT

As a recruiter you are plugged in, tuned in and on top of all things recruiting. And today, that means you’re on social media. With huge numbers of excellent candidates spread out across social media platforms, finding “the one” can be as exciting as it is exhausting.

This week’s recruiting technology news roundup brings you articles on social recruiting to help you find the tools and information you need to make a match.

  • Don’t Be a Twit – Use Twitter in Your Recruiting Strategy from Social-Hire: “Busy recruiters are pulled in a million different directions with a landslide of communications by phone, email, meetings with hiring managers and candidates... And they have to keep up with social media to be competitive and have access to the top candidates. Adding a learning curve for one more technology or online tool requires some serious time management, right? Don’t be a Twit. You don’t have to stress about adding social media to your creative staffing solutions. Start small and add Twitter to your recruiting strategy.”

  • Is a Chief Brand Officer Necessary? from LinkedIn: "Truth hurts and I hate it but I think we might want to consider a consolidation strategy. Intro Chief Brand Officer. We still have the need for both the CHRO and CMO positions but they need to be closer aligned than ever before. And, no, it wasn’t because we’re seen fighting over who owns social media and/or the brand albeit that happens on daily basis. At its essence, a Chief Brand Officer could provide three things: alignment, consistency and efficiency."
  • Mobile Recruiting 2.0 from SHRM: “Although much of the focus on optimizing mobile recruiting centers on the device interface—fitting content to different screen sizes and ensuring that navigation is touch-screen friendly—experts say more attention should be paid to critical matters such as creating job applications that are easy to complete on mobile devices. As mobile recruiting evolves into its next stage, recruiting experts believe that organizations need to make changes to better engage top candidates and keep pace with competitors.”

  • 12 Digital Tools For Today’s Social Media Recruiter from Amplify Talent: “So, you’re a recruiter who’s embraced social. Good call. Welcome to the world of Recruiting 3.0. Social recruiting isn’t meant to replace ‘old school’ recruiting methods (for those of us who learned how to recruit with a phone book and land line), but it gives today’s recruiter additional tools to find and engage talent. Recruiting has evolved. Recruitment marketing and employment branding are now key components of a successful talent strategy. Strong social recruiting strategies allow recruiting teams to amplify their impact, and can be a key differentiator when competing for talent.”

  • How to Apply Moneyball to Talent Acquisition from LinkedIn: “‘Moneyball’ is about the Oakland A’s, an under-resourced baseball team that outperformed expectations. While players were previously scouted by more subjective metrics, the A’s used data to find the best talent. Put in other terms, it’s about how they used data to recruit. They were recruiting shortstops and center fielders, the same way you may be looking for financial analysts or salespeople. And, just like the data changed the game of baseball more than 10 years ago, we think that data is transforming the world of Talent Acquisition by using statistics to help find the best candidates for you.”

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