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13 September 2013

Recruiting Technology News: Recruitment Culture Edition

Posted by JamesT

With new technology being released all the time and new technological expectations placed on employers by recruits, staying on top of tech, trends and culture is key to staying competitive and relevant in the recruitment business. Are you keeping up?

This week’s Recruiting Technology News has articles on the latest in recruitment culture and how recruiting technology is changing it.

  • 4 Social Recruitment Mistakes Your Company Is Making by Sajjad Masud at The Huffington Post: “Start at the beginning and build a solid foundation for your social media recruitment strategy. Identify your target audience, find where they spend their time online, set goals for your recruitment efforts, and look critically at the social tools, next-gen recruitment systems and applicant tracking you will need to get the job done. When it comes to finding top talent on social media, engagement is the name of the game. The whole point of taking to the social web to find top talent is the unique opportunity social media affords you for building a more personal connection with applicants.”

  • 7 Deadly Sins Of Recruiting by Ken Sundheim at Forbes: “The theory that recruiting great employees is highly difficult is true, but what if your firm was making the recruitment process more complex than it had to be? Almost 1 out of every 4 decisions that a small to mid-size company will make during a recruitment process will hinder their chances at staffing competitive talent. The consequences of these actions can result in a myriad of ill-fated outcomes ranging from higher salary costs and wasted time to losing competitive applicants altogether. Firms that are unable to streamline the staffing process on a regular basis are probably prone to committing one or more of the following 7 deadly sins of recruiting.”

  • Video Recruitment: Far Beyond the Want Ad by Reena Gupta at TargetRecruit: “Generation Y (the Millennials) seem, at times, to have the attention span of a goldfish. The truth about their interests is not that they lack the ability to focus, it’s simply that they’re trained and practiced in the art of multitasking media consumption. Hence they tend to be implicitly aware of innovative and trend-setting developments. They know how to spot the next big thing and, as team members, can think, engage, and create in similar ways. It is imperative, then, that recruiters not only hook their attention with engaging video content, soliciting their engagement in the recruitment process, but also that they display an aptitude for cutting-edge technology and facilitate mobile interaction with recruitment marketing efforts.”

  • Do your Recruiting Solutions Address Culture Fit? by Andrew Greenberg at Recruiting Division: “Effective recruiting solutions involve the understanding that company culture is necessary in order to assess and measure cultural fit in candidates. The Cubiks study shows that employers recognize the importance of cultural fit for their workforces but less than half of them currently measure cultural fit during recruiting. Using cultural questionnaires would reduce subjectivity in the recruiting process and give recruiters and employers a good tool for ensuring culture fit before hiring decisions are made. A clearly defined culture is necessary, regardless of the specific recruiting solutions that you employ. The clearer the definition of your company culture, the easier it is for your existing recruiting solutions to be effective at attracting suitable candidates.”

  • Hiring Culture: Creating A Recruitment Ecosystem by David Smooke at TalentCulture: “Hiring culture deserves just as much attention as company culture, because the two are deeply intertwined. The way an employer acquires talent determines not only who works at the company, but also the very essence of how those people function.You can’t have a consistently great product without consistently great employees. And you can’t have great employees without a clear, coherent, compelling hiring culture. Hiring culture determines who you’ll attract as employees. Those choices will shape your company culture, and inevitably, your bottom-line.”

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