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6 September 2013

Recruiting Technology News: Is It Time to Rethink Your Recruiting Process?

Posted by JamesT

Even big players like Google retool their recruiting process every once in awhile. Is yours overdue for a change? Here’s a roundup of some of our favorite stories about recruiting technology and and other recruiting trends that made the news this week.

  • An Inside Look at Google’s Data-Driven Job Interview Process by Sarah Halzack at The Washington Post: “As with so many aspects of its human Thinking woman in glasses looking up with light idea bulb above head isolated on gray wall background.jpegresources operations, Google’s job candidate interview methods are heavily data-driven. The firm recently generated buzz in the talent industry when it said it had done away with the notorious brain teaser component of its interviews after statistics showed the ability to ace them had no correlation with success at the company. But that’s not the only way analytics have shaped the process. Google used to conduct many interviews before settling on a job candidate and making an offer. But through analytics, the company has determined that after four interviews, they don’t achieve a much greater degree of confidence about whether the interviewee is a good fit for a position. As a result, they’ve capped the number of interviews that they’ll put a candidate through.”
  • Is Your Outdated Recruiting Process Losing You Talent? by Josh Tolan at Business2Community: “Imagine looking at a job description for a great position and desperately searching for the ‘apply’ button, only to find a physical address where you can mail in your resume. Most job candidates would roll their eyes and click over to the next great job, leaving this outdated posting with few candidates to choose from. Your recruiting process is probably a little more high-tech than this example, but ignoring emerging recruitment trends can soon enough leave you in the lurch. In today’s competitive job market, to the victor of the war for talent go the spoils. With more than 50 percent of business leaders identifying talent shortages as a major challenge facing their company, you just can’t afford to skimp on your recruitment strategy.”
  • 5 Recruiting Habits Of Successful Leaders by Meghan M. Biro at Forbes: “The simple fact is that recruiting is often a company’s first impression, and a reflection of its culture and workforce brand personality. It’s a spectacular — and too underexploited — opportunity to wow, woo, seduce and excite talent. Top talent doesn’t want to work in Dullsville. They want to work in a company that understands, challenges, excites, surprises and delights them. They want to work hard, play hard, and feel appreciated. Recruiting should be where the courtship starts. Your organization doesn’t have to be a Zappos or Google to start using savvy — and social media — to attract ‘the right fit’ and talent skill set you need to soar.”
  • It’s About Building Relationships by Hemant Taneja at The Wall Street Journal: “In my work as a venture capitalist, I see entrepreneurs founding strong software and hardware businesses on an almost daily basis. Each of these companies is competing for the same limited talent. Yet, some of these companies have a significantly easier time recruiting than others. There are some open secrets to recruiting successfully, even in a market where top talent can choose almost anywhere to work.”

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