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4 October 2013

Recruiting Technology News: Integrating Past & Present Recruiting Practices

Posted by JamesT

The recruiting industry is evolving through technology, but that doesn’t mean the tried-and-true practices of the past are dead and gone. Classic hiring tools like the resume are here to stay despite the popularity of social profiles. And when it comes to candidate engagement, many times Twitter takes a backseat to the telephone. Recruiting is about connecting people with people, and technology is the means through which we do it better. To truly be an effective leader in the recruiting space, you need to be well-rounded and adept at both traditional and emerging practices.

This week’s recruiting technology news roundup brings you articles to help you to integrate the best of old-school and brand-new recruiting practices.

  • 3 More Effective Recruitment Solutions. Recruiting Division: “Effective recruiting is rapidly becoming a top competitive advantage in business. Companies need recruitment solutions that can shorten the time to hire, attract diverse workers, and develop a strong pool of qualified applicants while controlling recruiting costs. Social media and advances in technology have both impacted recruiting in myriad ways. But three interesting recruitment solutions that really create a recruiting edge in companies that are using them are mobile recruitment, video interviews, and candidate experience.”

  • Six Tips to Improving Your Recruiting Calls to Candidates. CareerBuilder: “Calling candidates is one of the most efficient and effective ways to recruit. This is the traditional quick, easy, and logical way that typically produces immediate results. However, the way that you call a candidate from initial contact to the end of the conversation could change immensely depending on how you conduct the conversation. To capture their attention, you need to present an interesting opportunity and carry the conversation from start to finish. This impacts the outcome of that phone call and may lead to either an interview and potential job offer or a high quality referral.”

  • Why Sugar is Bad for the Candidate’s Diet. HR Schoolhouse: “I’ve heard it and you’ve heard it. When in the midst of recruiting a candidate, lots of HR folks and Recruiters are quite fond of saying ‘I need to ‘sell’ them on this opportunity!’ And I think we can all agree – the ability to ‘close’ the deal is a critical competency for HR professionals and Recruiters. Sometimes though, in order to make that hire – close that deal – get that req filled – the process gets just a tad too sugary sweet.”

  • Top 10 Things to Avoid When Recruiting via Email. ERE: “The ease of finding profiles on LinkedIn has made connecting with new candidates the Mount Everest of recruiting. In-demand candidates find themselves inundated with InMails from recruiters, causing many to create junk email addresses just for InMails. In other words, most are never read. Reaching out via email is tough too but can be way more effective, if done right.”

  • Q-and-A: How to maximize Twitter’s recruiting potential. SmartBlog on Social Media: “Twitter is more responsive, and also more transparent, than other recruiting channels. With job boards, applicants often have no way of directly connecting with the recruiter or the hiring manager. Meanwhile, through LinkedIn, job applicants have no way of knowing who has viewed their profile unless they decide to upgrade to a higher membership status.”

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