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11 October 2013

Recruiting Technology News: #HRTechConf Takeaways and Trends Edition

Posted by JamesT

This year’s #HRTechConf was filled with insight, innovation and excitement about the future of work and HR technology. With so much to cover and consider from the event, this week’s roundup brings you the best takeaways and hottest trends from this year’s HR technology conference.

  • 7 Hottest Trends In HR Technology by Meghan Biro at Forbes: “We’ve been deluged with technological advances, and many leaders and HR departments have embraced some, or if very innovative, many of them. Only to later find out (after spending money and resources) that some are a terrible match for their organizations. I see much more selectivity in the year ahead. Instead of asking, ‘Is this amazing technology?’, the question will become, ‘Is this technology a good match for us?’”
  • Openness, Transparency Themes of HR Tech Keynote. by Andrew R. McIlvaine and Kristen B. Frasch at Human Resource Executive Online: “It's a brave, new, ultra-connected world, and companies that don't embrace the new principles of openness and transparency risk alienating millennial employees and missing out on key sources of innovation and revenue. This was one of the key themes of Don Tapscott's electrifying opening keynote at the 2013 HR Technology® Conference, held this year at the sprawling Mandalay Bay Las Vegas resort.”
  • Live from #HRTechConf: Lessons in Global Recruiting by Mary Ellen Slayter at Monster: “Looking at global recruiting from a high level, things are more similar than different, but when you look at things on the ground small differences emerge. For example, there are countries where they require photos with job applications, ask for your parents’ last names or ask how many children you plan to have. In Germany, for example, he found that candidates include a large number of attachments with their job applications to document a lot more information than candidates in other countries do. In general outside of North America, he’s noticed that the use of assessments — such as language testing, work-style testing and aptitude testing — is more prominent and more accepted than in the U.S.”
  • #hrwins Trend Report: Are The New HR Technology Leaders Emerging At This Year’s HRTech? LAROCQUE: “As those of us focused on HR Tech get ready to descend on Las Vegas for the 2013 HR Technology® Conference & Expo, I give you the first #hrwins Trend Report for 2013. Appropriately, this is my take on the current state of the HR Technology industry and innovation happening here. It’s an exciting time for B2B tech, folks. And, it’s an exciting time for HR Tech. The creative spirit and commitment to the customer is strong within many established legacy tech players that I looked at. The entrepreneurial spirit and drive to disrupt the market with something fresh and new is palpable when I talk to the emerging shops.”
  • Sourcing: Beyond Cool Tools to Talent Acquisition Evolution. by Lance Haun at Sourcecon: “The biggest takeaway was that sourcing — as a defined, widespread function across multiple industries — is beginning to drive some real, significant, and recognized strategic advantages. Sourcing old-timers will dispute the notion that sourcing is just now beginning to drive strategic value. And you can go back to the earliest iterations of how sourcing really started and you’ll see many great examples of how sourcing has driven bottom-line results for decades. No joke. I’m not minimizing it one bit.”

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