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15 November 2013

Recruiting Technology News: Measuring Recruiting Performance

Posted by JamesT

Every day we at Talemetry collect data for hundreds of thousands of candidate application experiences, job posting spend and performance, career site and social media traffic, and more. However, as with any data, the real question that needs answering is 'what are you going to do differently as a result of the data'? If you are just gathering it because you are interested, or just think you should, you likely aren't going to get the most of your recruiting analytics.

There are a ton of articles written on this topic every week. This week we have compiled a variety of articles that look at the recruiting performance metrics from different angles. One caution before reading on--make sure to check for bias in the research studies. For example, there is a very popular survey out there on social recruiting performance that touts extremely high numbers of people hired via social media. However, the author is in the business of social recruiting.

These stories are good to help make you think about the opportunity. However making decisions on someone else's data may not be the best course of action. Make sure you understand how this research impacts your business, your recruiting, your candidates, and your employment brand.

Ok, let's take a look at a few stories we've compiled for this week:

Data analytics are getting more important. Companies are using data to better understand and improve their customer relationships, operational, business, and workforce outcomes, and competitive positioning.

This is no different for HR and even more specifically talent acquisition. Quality of hire is the critical decision-support metric that can help HR and hiring leaders determine if they are bringing the right workforce into your organizations to drive business results.

NOTE: Thanks for the mention of our recent talent acquisition survey!


Social media has quickly become the “it” tool in recruiting. Social media has drastically changed the way we recruit, and it is here to stay, but have our applicant tracking systems kept up with demands for social in recruiting? We’ve traded in newspaper ads and the big job boards for social media, but a lot of ATSs are falling short.

The importance of social media in recruiting is undeniable, but just how important it is will surprise you. took a look at social media recruitment and brought us some great numbers on the matter.


As the CEO of a talent and training management software business, I am obsessed with good tech support and customer service. A lot of companies in this industry will market their software as a service, but then forget about the service part. As the lack of readily available talent becomes more and more of a problem across most industries, good talent management software has become vital.

NorthgateArinso conducts an annual survey with some interesting outcomes.


Employees are generally proud of the organizations for which they work and feel inspired to do their best work, according to the mid-year Workforce Talent Survey conducted by, a leader in successfully connecting job opportunities and people.

While on the surface that sounds good, delving deeper reveals some significant issues.

The survey also finds:

  • Only 48 percent of employed workers feel that their efforts are recognized and valued by their present job, while 52 percent do not feel efforts are recognized/valued
  • Six out of 10 employed workers don’t expect to receive a raise
  • Fewer than one-fourth (20 percent) of employed workers believe they will get a promotion
  • A full 60 percent don’t believe the company is making the right investments for the future of the workforce

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