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11 September 2013

Product Focus: Candidate Profile

Posted by JamesT

We mentioned last month that we were going to focus on some of the features that make Talemetry such a big help to people looking for top talent. As we discussed earlier this week, the amount of information available online about candidates is extremely valuable, to the point that online information has all but replaced the cover letter. When you're searching for candidates, after you’ve performed a federated search in the software and come up with a list, you’ll find that our retooled candidate profile viewer makes it easy to review and compare the candidates your company is considering.

Details ViewEditor holding tablet and smiling as team works behind her against profile pictures.jpeg

The “Details” view of the candidate profile viewer provides an online resume and all contact information available for a job candidate. These profiles live inside the sourcing tool, and standardizing candidates’ information into an easy-to-read format makes it simple to compare candidates’ experience and qualifications.

There are also fields where you can keep internal notes, such as whether the candidate has been contacted and your level of interest in the candidate.

Timeline Tab

The “Timeline” tab visually maps out the candidate’s employment history as well as any classes, training or awards he may have earned. The timeline view makes it easy to follow a candidate’s career path by visualizing time spent at past employers and any gaps between jobs.

Social Tab

The “Social” tab shows compiled results from our software’s Web search for references to the candidate. Under this tab, you’ll find links to news sites the candidate appears on, references to the candidate in blogs and information available from networking sites. Talemetry also digs up public information such as what patents the candidate might own or videos she’s shared publicly. Talemetry refreshes a candidate's profile with new information and content from social networks.

These data searches are performed across every candidate source -- job boards, social media networks and your own ATS. Once a candidate profile is built, you can start comparing candidates and finding the right one for your open position.

Talemetry delivers all the tools recruiters need to find, attract, and engage the talent they need today – and tomorrow – in a single, simple and social cloud-based solution. As the leading provider of talent generation solutions, the Talemetry software-as-a-service (SaaS) suite includes talent sourcing & CRM, job broadcasting, career sites and candidate application solutions. Schedule a demo today to learn how Talemetry can help you find better talent faster.

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