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18 September 2013

What Managers and Recruiters Can Learn from Coaches About Performance Management

Posted by JamesT

Modern Survey recently released a white paper on performance management. Performance management is the idea that employers can better manage their employees’ performance by providing ongoing feedback instead of a once-a-year performance review. It’s comparable to what coaches do during a game -- they tell players how to make adjustments as the game happens, not when it’s over.

I share my experience on performance management in the white paper. As I saw while playing in the Canadian Football league, if you underperform for a year, you’re likely not on the team the next year. In the highly competitive world of professional sports, coaches need to give players constant feedback and direction to get them to perform at their best, in real time. Otherwise, both the coaches and players may be in danger of losing their jobs. Expecting annual reviews to improve performance throughout the year simply isn’t realistic.

When managers give feedback to their employees that is timely and constructive, it can improve performance immediately. And if feedback can be given today to help make an employee better at their job, why wait until tomorrow to give it, or for next year’s performance review? Think of all the benefit an organization would see from having improved employee performance instantly, rather than only once a year.

The Modern Survey white paper, “Rethinking the Performance Review: How to Boost Employees and Achieve Organizational Goals with Performance Management,” says three things are driving this new system of employee assessment: younger employees want feedback more often, organizations want to be more agile and make changes to performance more quickly, and improved documenting systems make it easier to record and track changes over time.

According to Modern Survey research, “helpful feedback by managers” is a top driver of employee engagement. At Talemetry, we know that reliable performance management that gets results can be a driver for recruiting as well: knowing their performance will be assessed fairly, regularly and constructively can be an attractive perk for high-performing candidates. Continuous, fair employee assessment (and opportunities for real growth) can be a positive driver for your employer brand.

It’s key for employees and candidates to understand that performance management isn’t meant to be micromanaging -- it’s constructive feedback that helps employees make course corrections in their work in real time, rather than hearing about it later. In addition, managers need to remember that this type of coaching needs to include a lot of constructive positive feedback as well -- reinforcement when an employee does a job well, for example.

Feedback is how you’re going to get better. It doesn’t mean you didn’t play a great game, or you’re not great at your job now. It just means you’re not perfect, and that’s OK -- almost nobody else is either, and so there’s always room to improve.

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