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13 June 2018

How Do You Increase Application Conversion Rates From Indeed?

Posted by Team Talemetry

Finding top talent and connecting with candidates is more costly and more time consuming than ever before. It’s estimated that in the U.S. alone, organizations spend more than $160 billion annually in recruiting for open positions. SHRM reports the average cost per hire is now at more than $4,100. And in 2015, Deloitte put time-to-hire at an average of around 52 days—up from just 19 days in 2000.

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Topics: application process, candidate conversion, indeed, Increasing application conversion rates, integrated recruitment marketing, Indeed Apply, improving candidate experience

8 June 2018

How to Shift Your Recruitment Marketing Approach to Improve Results

Posted by Team Talemetry

Modern recruitment is modern marketing. But to start thinking like a marketer, you have to make a fundamental shift in how you approach your recruitment strategies. During last week’s webinar with Cameron Laker, CEO and Co-Founder of Mindfield, a leading RPO provider for hourly employers, and Peter Clare, SVP and GM of Talemetry, making this transformation was front and center in their discussion.

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Topics: talent database, recruitment marketing platform, improving recruitment performance, improving application conversion, recruitment funnel, metrics that impact recruiting

5 June 2018

Five Big Takeaways from EBrandCon You Need to Know

Posted by Team Talemetry

If you were in sunny San Diego at the end of May for the Employer Branding Strategies Conference, or EBrandCon as we all call it, then you were probably just as pumped as we were to be part of such an outstanding event. EBrandCon offered an incredible line-up of speakers and thought-provoking presentations that reinforced the importance of investing in and building a strong employer brand. The conference also made clear that this is a really exciting time to be in employer branding and recruitment marketing. And we couldn’t agree more.

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Topics: candidate experience, EBrandCon, employer brand, organizational culture, recruitment messaging, EVP, evolution of employer branding, personalized content strategies, building stronger employer brand

30 May 2018

Five Ways To Challenge The Recruitment Marketing Status Quo

Posted by Team Talemetry

The great Warren Bennis once said ‘The manager accepts the status quo; the leader challenges it.’ Nothing could be truer in the modern recruitment marketing landscape. Some recruiting organizations today are nervous that rethinking their recruitment marketing strategies, processes and technologies will somehow upset the approach they have in place to find candidates. They are scared to try something new despite the mediocre performance and recruiting outcomes they may achieve. They are immature in their thinking, or lack the knowledge and understanding of how to get past outdated recruiting strategies. In other words, they accept the status quo.

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Topics: recruitment marketing platform, recruitment marketing processes, How to improve recruitment marketing, How to impact recruitment outcomes, trends in recruitment marketing, New recruitment marketing strategies

24 May 2018

What Can Talent Professionals Learn from the Glassdoor Acquisition?

Posted by Team Talemetry

If last week’s announcement of the Glassdoor acquisition had you all shook up, then you were probably in good company. The big news that Recruit Holdings,  the parent company of Indeed, had acquired Glassdoor was quietly announced, but made a big statement to the recruiting tech industry. It signaled the continued consolidation of major tech players in online recruiting and left many talent acquisition professionals wondering what this would mean for the future of finding and connecting with talent online.

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Topics: application process, candidate experience, Recruitment advertising, indeed, Glassdoor, Recruit Holdings, Glassdoor acquisition, talent database, recruitment marketing platform

16 May 2018

Six Elements of Successful Employer Branding: Learning from Industry Thought Leaders Over a Couple of Pints

Posted by Kerry Fuqua

Last Friday evening, I had the privilege of attending the Rally On Gathering hosted by Rally Recruitment Marketing at a local brewery near Boston. Heartfelt congrats to Rally for a successful event and all the success over this past year.

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Topics: employer branding, employee stories, career site, importance of social in recruiting

10 May 2018

How to Build Better Talent Pipelines: The Ultimate Guide for Healthcare Organizations

Posted by Team Talemetry

According to Forbes, a career in medicine is view by 90 percent of Americans as a prestigious profession. And most people would agree that caring for others is a noble calling, but finding the right talent in such a highly regulated industry is not always the easiest task. In fact, healthcare organizations today often struggle to find a steady stream of talent and to build talent pipelines that keep up with the demand for highly skilled healthcare professionals.

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Topics: corporate hr, jobs, Candidate Attraction, recruiting strategies

3 May 2018

Three Key Lessons to Deliver High Quality Talent Learned from a Successful National Retailer

Posted by Team Talemetry

It’s a tough time to be in retail. And it’s even tougher trying to find hourly talent that can connect with customers to drive sales and beat the slump that most retailers find themselves in. But even in the midst of all the retail recruiting challenges in 2018 and such dismal news for brick-and-mortar stores, there are retailers who are successfully attracting great talent and recruiting for retail. And the story of one large national retailer can teach us a whole lot.

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Topics: retail recruiting strategies

17 April 2018

ICYMI: Evolve Recruitment Marketing Webinar Recap and Key Takeaways

Posted by Team Talemetry

Last Thursday we hosted a thought-provoking webinar that examined how organizations should evaluate the effectiveness of their own recruitment marketing strategy, processes, and technologies. Featuring George LaRocque, Principal Analyst and Founder, HRWins Reports on HR Technology Innovation, and Pete Sanidas, Vice President, Enterprise Sales, Talemetry, the Evolve Recruitment Marketing discussion focused on the framework for maturity and efficiency within recruitment marketing organizations, and gave practical steps for prioritizing your investments to drive performance for the future.

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Topics: recruitment marketing

11 April 2018

Quick Guide: How to Increase and Measure User Adoption

Posted by Amy Hughes

Results. Simplified. Sounds good, right? But results can only happen if users adopt the new tool or solution. You’ve probably been in a situation like this before. You have a business problem. You’ve invested in the best technology to solve the problem. But the new solution was never really embraced, and as a business leader, you just can’t understand why users aren’t leveraging the solution. The challenge is even greater when you have to justify the solution investment to the executive team.

It all comes down to lack of user adoption.

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Topics: software implementation, user adoption

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