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2 July 2014

OHUG 2014 Wrap Up

Posted by Praj

Having had a few weeks back from the OHUG Global Conference in Las Vegas, we thought it worthwhile for a short wrap up blog post. It was a really interesting event from a number of angles. Before getting into that I wanted to say how hot it was in Las Vegas this year! 

Most days it was between 100ºF and 107ºF during the day and close to 100ºF even at 11 o'clock at night! Lucky for us most of the OHUG events were in the air-conditioned confines of The Mirage Hotel.

So what were some of the main things that we noticed at the show?

Reinforcement of the move to the cloud trend

CBRE at the Talemetry booth, OHUG 2014Yes, we know that we keep hearing about the move to the cloud, but there was significant evidence to say that this is really taking hold in HR in 2014. There were several sessions including ones from Oracle, independent consultants, as well as users giving real world evidence and credibility to the survey results we've seen. One of the sessions from PwC, presented findings from their 2013 US HRIS/HRIT Survey. 56% of the 235 companies represented in the survey said they plan to increase their deployment of HCM cloud solutions going forward. It's worthwhile to review the entire presentation available on the OHUG site, but some of the other key findings they presented include:

  • SaaS for core HR, payroll, and benefits is no longer “bleeding edge”
  • The war for talent continues to rage
  • Most organizations’ core HRMS applications are in need of updates, and key stakeholders require a solid ROI to do so
  • The impact of mobile and social media, as well as the promise of big data, is changing the game — for the better

Taleo users becoming a full part of the Oracle community but Oracle EBS and PeopleSoft customers still getting love!

It was very noticeable this year that the integration of Taleo into the broader Oracle ecosystem is now very mature. We know from a product integration point of view that there is still be work to be done, but many customers are now taking advantage of Taleo on top of their core Oracle Fusion, EBS, or PeopleSoft HCM solutions. There were some great examples of this, including a session we attended presented by Nancy Gates, Global Talent Acquisition Manager, and her team from Caterpillar, detailing their global rollout of Taleo. Again the presentation is available on the OHUG website and I'd encourage you to download it and review the lessons learned.

Also encouraging at the event was Oracle's commitment to enhancing capabilities for the EBS and PeopleSoft customers. So while much of the innovation around talent management and recruiting will obviously be based on the Taleo cloud platform going forward, many customers will be operating in a hybrid environment with other Oracle products for years to come. Oracle recognizes this and understands that customers will move at a pace that makes sense for their business. Tracy Martin, Sr. Director, HCM Strategy, Oracle, had a presentation that delved into this topic in more detail.

Recruiting continues to get more complex and multi-channel

We've been hearing about it for years now, but again what was very noticeable at OHUG was increasing evidence of the incorporation of mobile and social channels in addition to the traditional channels to communicate and engage with candidates as part of the recruiting process. Organizations understand that they also need to incorporate mobile and social as part of a multi-channel talent acquisition strategy rather than treat them as add-ons and afterthoughts. This is also driving the trend to look at more holistic solutions to support their strategy rather than a collection of individual point solutions.

I must admit some bias here, as, at Talemetry, we’ve been promoting this for years with our Talemetry platform. We had several conversations at the event with organizations that have tried the patchwork approach to dealing with job advertizing, mobile career websites, social integration, etc. and they found that they weren't getting the expected value as all of these disconnected products had no common user interface, security model, data structure, and limited integration with their core Oracle, PeopleSoft, or Taleo systems. Because of the disjointed nature of these solutions there was, of course, no common analytics and reporting that could truly tell them what was working and how effectively they were spending money in their talent acquisition processes and which channels their best candidates were coming from. So lots of follow-up now for us from the conversations at the event!

The Talemetry CocktailThe Talemetry Cocktail

Finally, on Tuesday night at OHUG, Talemetry as a Platinum sponsor, sponsored the cocktail reception in the Expo Hall. We also had created a special cocktail, The Talemetry, which was designed to match our corporate Talemetry green colour and turned out to be pretty tasty! In fact we served nearly 300 cocktails and had many people ask us for the recipe. So for all of you that wanted the recipe - here it is:

The Talemetry Cocktail

  • Ice cubes
  • Mint, muddled
  • 2 parts Midori
  • 1 part Citron vodka
  • 2 parts Sweet and Sour (preferable fresh)

Pour over ice cubes and mint

Top with splash of organic (not too sweet) ginger ale



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