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10 February 2016

Mobile Recruiting Benchmarks

Posted by Team Talemetry

There is a lot of talk about mobile recruiting these days. For good reason. As we outline in this free webinar replay about Consumer Quality Candidate experiences, mobile technologies are so far reaching in how they affect all recruiting efforts that, very shortly, the word “mobile” will disappear altogether. It’ll just be called “recruiting.”  So how does mobile affect your bottom line? 

Talemetry’s  recruitment marketing platform powers mobile recruiting programs for hundreds of large enterprises.  We dug into our aggregate client analytics data to document how mobile affects our client base. The results are compelling and provide a unique window for other organizations to benchmark against our mobile-enabled clients

Mobile Career Site Traffic Benchmarks

mobile-career-site-traffic1.jpgSo what is the percentage of career site traffic visiting Talemetry client career sites?

Looking back at the previous three months of data, the aggregate mobile phone traffic is 23%, with another 4% coming from mobile tablets.

That’s more than one quarter of all traffic coming from mobile devices. Your organization may have higher or lower numbers than our aggregate data, but the underlying question remains: What kind of experience are you providing for these mobile users? Does it include responsive pages that maximize the phone viewing experience? Does it provide for the easy search of jobs and online application options for mobile users?

If not, you might as well put up a “404 Page Not Found” error. The effect on your employer brand and your hiring effectiveness is about the same.

Mobile Job Application Benchmarks

mobile-job-applications-completed.jpgAs we dig deeper, we see that the percentage of application “starts,” that is the number of candidates beginning the application process, is around 17% for mobile users.

More than half (9%) of those who began the mobile application process, completed it on their mobile devices.

That means that organizations who fail to tailor their online candidate experience to mobile devices can expect 25% of their career site traffic to have difficulties researching their jobs, and a minimum of 10% fewer applicants.

Keep in mind, candidates often “shop” career sites on mobile devices and then apply later via a computer so the extent of the impact of mobile technology on the application process is difficult to fully quantify. But it is likely much higher than the data suggests

Mobile Users Get Hired

mobile-recruiting-hired.jpgThe most compelling statistic from Talemetry’s aggregate client data is the fact that almost 10% of all hires used mobile devices to research and apply for a job. Not only are candidates engaging online via mobile device, but they represent a significant portion of the employees being hired.

Assuming that the 9% of mobile hires documented are the best available applicants, the data would suggest that organizations without mobile enabled career sites and application processes are missing out on the best possible person for approximately 1 out of every 11 hires.

So how many mobile candidates are browsing your career site?  How many are completing your applications? How many are you hiring?  

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