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19 January 2016

Mobile Recruiting: Get Mobile, Social, and Global with Your Applications

Posted by Team Talemetry

Has your organization been getting fewer of the right kind of applicants to fill your open jobs each year? Look no further than your job application process! Today’s candidates are no different than the rest of Internet users. They are part of the explosion of mobile device usage, which has risen from a mere 4% in 2010 to 51% in 2015. With this many mobile devices in play, your job application process and technology has to be mobile-friendly to capture the interest of visitors to your career site and convert them into actual job applicants for immediate job openings, as well as to fill your job pipelines for future job requisitions.

The Mobile Recruiting Trend

According to Glassdoor, nearly 50% of today’s job seekers are using mobile devices to browse your job openings. Half of these job seekers believe that it is difficult to apply on their mobile device and they are deterred from submitting an application. With 90% of job seekers saying that they plan to use mobile devices in their future job searches, can your organization afford to miss out on this potential talent pool by maintaining career sites that are not optimized for mobile use?

Mobile Job Application Design

If you’re just using a one-size-fits all online form and expecting to effectively compete for scarce talent, you are at a real disadvantage.

In order to attract this new breed of mobile candidates, you have to meet them where they are, which involves providing your potential applicants with a consumer-quality application

You have to start by providing a mobile-optimized site that starts with strong graphics that portray your brand and capture the attention of job seekers, drawing them further into your site, and converting them from mere site visitors into actual job applicants.

Your site has to minimize the potential drop-off at every stage of the application process by providing long scroll capabilities (instead of having candidates wait for multiple pages to load), by being able to re-combine itself to display on whatever mobile device the candidate is using, and by presenting your candidates with less text to wade through in order to effectively and efficiently use your site.

The ease of use of your site will lead to increased conversion of candidates to applicants.

The Bullet Proof Job Application Process

The name of the game is to attract and convert more applicants, so you need to use every tool at your disposal.

First of all, being able to tailor the application workflow by job type, location, or job level will make the content of the application more relevant to the candidate and increase completion rates. Forget about one-size-fits-all.

Your application forms should be dynamic and simple, capturing only the absolutely necessary information. Further, the forms should pre-populate using data that already exists in their resume, social media, or cloud-stored profiles.

A good application system should also automatically re-populate application forms when candidates revisit your site after you have already captured their basic information.

And global recruiters take note, you’ll get higher international conversion rates if you provide resume and profile extraction in the candidate’s native language.

Mobile/Desktop Hybrid

Your application process should empower your candidates to begin to apply on their mobile device. Once they have started an application, the system should allow them to pause it and resume the application at a later date without having to start over from the beginning. The ability to initiate an application and opt to have the application link emailed is a great way to capture those mobile candidates who would rather finalize the application using their desktop computer.Get The Talent Network Solution Snapshot Free Download

Inline Candidate Assessments

Having the capability to include inline assessments in your job application process will give you a leg up on the candidate vetting process, thereby making your recruiters more productive and effective. If these assessments are mobile-friendly, the candidate is much more likely to engage with them. This can have bottom line benefits.

Measure Drop Off and Refine

The capability to easily view critical metrics, such as drop-off rates at every step of your application process, or completion rate by source of traffic, will allow you to immediately see where in your process you are losing candidates and help you refine your application process to make it easier to use.

Your system should also meet pertinent legislative or regulatory guidelines, so that you ensure full compliance with any EEO, veteran, or disability requirements.

The old days of throwing up a one-size-fits-all online application and expecting candidates to muddle through are gone. Your online job application is one of the most important links in your recruiting chain. With the amount of time and money invested in driving candidates to apply for your jobs, your applications should make applying for jobs as easy as buying merchandise on 

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