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31 March 2015

What’s Your Job Posting Strategy?

Posted by Team Talemetry

Recruiters today have many avenues to pursue as they seek talented candidates to fill open positions within their organizations. However, most candidate attraction strategies continue to revolve around posting to job boards.

Software Advice, a company that reviews recruiting software, recently published the results of its cost-per-hire survey, which found that almost 75 percent of respondents reported using job boards in order to advertise open positions at their companies.


Further, companies surveyed spend, on average, $86 on advertising for each new hire. When utilizing job boards, recruiters should take many factors into account including cost and quantity and quality of applicants they receive from each job board. Some job boards are better for entry-level jobs, while others are best for mid- to senior-level positions.

As recruiters consider which job boards to include in their job posting strategy, free ads certainly shouldn’t be discounted as an option. In fact, free job ads can be a really great source of candidates as long as you are distributing in the right channels. We recently found that of the millions of views generated by ads posted through our recruitment marketing platform, 89% were generated by free job boards including Indeed, Simply Hired, and Within the past year, both LinkedIn and Monster have launched their own free posting services. LinkedIn’s “Limited Listings” offers hundreds of thousands of jobs aggregated from the career sites and ATS’s of U.S. employers who don’t prohibit it, which supplements the listings employees pay for. Monster’s aggregated jobs from online sources all over the world appear in Monster’s search at no charge to the employer. When utilizing free services, recruiters should analyze their own results to potentially save significant money while getting more candidates.Get The Talent Network Solution Snapshot Free Download

While both paid and free job board listings can be a great source of candidates, job boards aren’t without their drawbacks. Relying too heavily on job board listings results in a “post and pray” mentality and reactive, manual posting of jobs slows the hiring process and reduces scalability. In addition, as demand for skilled labor rises, traditional broad job boards can become less effective at reaching qualified candidates and getting the right jobs in front of the right candidate becomes more difficult. This is why recruiters must take an integrated approach to job distribution and take advantage of all of the channels that are available.

Before ever posting to job boards, recruiters need to think like marketers and build a strategy that segments their jobs by type and/or skillset.  Then create personas of the ideal employee in order to target them more effectively. Once candidates are segmented by job category, location, department, etc. it becomes easier to utilize other job distribution channels including social networks, pay-per-click advertising, structured employee referrals, events and more to attract the right candidates. Results should be carefully monitored at every stage of engagement to ensure that time and money is being allocated to only the highest performing channels.

Want to learn more about candidate attraction strategies?  Click here to check out our free Attraction Solution Snapshot. It breaks down key practices to follow when building or revamoning your job distribution programs.

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