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Job Boards Don't Work (Like They Used To)

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15 March 2016

Job Boards Don't Work (Like They Used To)

Posted by Team Talemetry

There is a lot of talk about how ineffective job boards can be these days. The knock on job boards is that they drive unqualified candidates to jobs, they don’t provide metrics regarding how many people get hired, they’re reactive in that jobs get posted after a position becomes open which can slow time-to-applicants and time-to-hire, and candidates appear to use them less and less each year as the number of active candidates decreases and cynicism about getting lost in a black hole increases.

The shiny new thing in recruiting is proactive sourcing. We believe it’s the core of a modern recruiting organization and we’ve written about it. A lot.

But slow down. Job boards didn’t become ineffective just because the game is changing. On the contrary, they bring Talemetry clients a large percentage of their overall hires. The difference is that you now must approach job boards as part of a larger mix of strategies that drive the growth of your centralized talent pool, and the effectiveness needs to be measured over the long term, not just on a per job basis.

In fact, job boards should be a key component of your recruitment marketing mix – unless and until you know they aren’t driving hires for you.job-board2.jpg

There is no reason you shouldn’t know exactly how many visits, applicants, and hires come from each job board. Further, there is no reason that you can’t capture a large portion of the traffic generated by all your job ads and add them to your proprietary talent pool for pipelining and engagement over time. Talemetry helps hundreds of clients distribute jobs and capture candidates for future sourcing everyday.

Let’s assume, for example, you advertise for a data analyst position. You get 100 applicants from your trusty job boards. None of them get hired. The job gets filled from a LinkedIn search that one of your sourcers performs.  Waste of money. Job boards don’t work, right?  

The answer is maybe. If those hundred applicants get lost in your ATS and forgotten, then yes.  If you continue to advertise to get many of those same applicants back to your jobs to re-apply in the future, then YES (with capital letters).

But if you are applying modern, predictable hiring strategies to your recruiting efforts then the answer will be revealed over time. Because each of those hundred applicants will go into your centralized talent pool for future sourcing. They will be made available to all your recruiters and sourcers as they proactively source for jobs and continue to qualify and vet them. They will be analyzed and categorized into pipelines for job families that are important to your organization.

And one day, you may end up hiring many of them.  And you’ll know the source they came from. And you’ll begin to understand which job boards are most effective at driving long term value for your relationship-based recruiting practices. You’ll start to map job boards to job families to which they add value.

You’ll start to re-allocate your spending based on ROI at a more granular, job family level.  You’ll start to rely less on job boards over time as your proprietary talent pool swells with the candidate profiles you collect (from boards and other sources).  And your spending will decrease as you analyze the effectiveness of free vs. paid boards.

This is the model for a new way of utilizing job boards. One that saves Talemetry clients millions of dollars per year, while increasing their access to talent.

Job boards transform from a single source of candidates for a single job into a piece of a multi-channel talent acquisition program that values its core talent pool above all else.  One that leverages all channels to talent into that proprietary pool and views source-to-hire performance across all sources, over the long term. Download Free Predictable Hiring Handbook

The game has changed. And as much as we evangelize proactive, predictable hiring strategies, we caution you to ignore job boards at your peril. There are thousands of broad and specialized job boards today and each has the potential to fill a key piece of your talent acquisition efforts for specific job families.

The answer is not to marginalize job boards, but to evolve your capabilities to take advantage of this and all other channels in new ways. Integrated, multi-channel recruitment marketing maximizes all interactions with candidates to capture and centralize their profiles for longer term engagement if they are not immediately hired. It is a principle taken from broader marketing strategies and is changing the way we recruit.

For more resources about predictable hiring strategies click here. Or visit Talemetry’s Recruitment Marketing Best Practices Library.

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