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5 May 2015

How to Spend Your Job Board Budget Wisely

Posted by Team Talemetry

Recruiters rely on many channels to ensure they are capturing the attention and interest of today’s top talent including job fairs, social media, networking events, employee referrals, and more. However, one of the top outlets for recruiters seeking qualified candidates for job openings is job boards. Because there are so many job boards to choose from, recruiters must take a strategic approach in order to spend their job board budget wisely.


Key findings in a Software Advice article titled, “The Best Job Boards for Your Recruiting Dollar” include:

1. LinkedIn delivers the highest quality of applicants at an affordable price range.

According to Software Advice, recruiters report that LinkedIn delivers by far the highest-quality applicants at a medium cost – as well as a high quantity of applicants. It’s also the job board that is most effective when recruiting for senior-level positions. In order to make the most of the LinkedIn job board, a company should have an active LinkedIn presence. When a candidate clicks over from the listing to the company’s LinkedIn page, they should be able to find updated, relevant information that will assist them in making their decision to apply or not. This is an area of missed opportunity for many businesses that aren’t properly utilizing their company LinkedIn page.

2. Indeed delivers the highest quantity of applicants at an affordable price range.

Get The Talent Network Solution Snapshot Free Download For recruiters that are looking for a high volume of applicants for an open position, Indeed is the top job board, with 30 percent of recruiters saying it delivers a high quantity of applicants. Indeed is rated most effective when recruiting for entry-level positions and rated similarly to LinkedIn in its effectiveness when recruiting for mid-level positions.

3. Craigslist is the least expensive, but delivers lower quantity and quality of candidates than other job boards.

42% of recruiters consider Craigslist to be a “low cost” job board option. However, after Indeed, Craigslist tied CareerBuilder as most effective when recruiting candidates for entry-level positions and Craigslist is more affordable than CareerBuilder. So, if you are seeking entry-level employees, Craigslist is worth considering.

In addition, it’s worth noting that posting to free job boards is also worthwhile. In fact, in a recent study we found that 89% of the millions of views generated by ads posted through the Job Broadcast job distribution module in Talemetry’s Recruitment Marketing Platform were generated by free job boards. Only 11% of all views generated were generated by the paid job boards. 

Modern Job Distribution

Increasingly, the question of which job board becomes more complicated. Unemployment is falling and skilled candidates are getting more scarce. With the Internet and social media, the sheer number of outlets battling for a candidate's attention makes it difficult to attract candidates with the old simplistic job posting model.

Attracting candidates these dats requires segmentation of your target, a broad multi-channel mix of specialized job boards, social networks and search engine optimization and advertising.  Most of all, it requires constant analysis and refinement based on source to hire ROI.

To learn more about modern candidate attraction strategies, check out Talemetry's free report: Candidate Attraction

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